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I hate it when it's my thread specifically that dies
I hate threads, you ever cut up a bunch of threads then spent time tryna pick them up off the ground? That shit’s hard, man.
I hate waking up 2 hours before I even should and then just feeling like itchy garbage the entire morning
I hate trying to talk to people but they don't respond, or when people say they feel bad for spamming me.
Qathera said:
I hate trying to talk to people but they don't respond, or when people say they feel bad for spamming me.

I hate for being that person.
I hate the friendzone I know it's not "real" blah blah, but you know what i mean
Perhaps try reframing it to yourself as "I am really sad that my feelings aren't reciprocated" rather than the friend zone stuff. We know what you mean, but it's still dumb and obviously you know why it's harmful terminology to use... So I'm not clear on why you used it.
Sure ok, I am really sad that my feelings aren't reciprocated.
I hate feeling like everything is falling apart, when nothing is. I hate my grades and being yelled at everyday, I hate old people who look like my grandfather, I hate that I draw on myself when I'm sad, I hate rushing things
I hate anxiety attacks. I don't know when they started happening, but now that they do I always hate having them. Shaking, dropping things, and I feel too embarrassed to tell people directly in front of me why my pencil ends up getting borderline thrown at the floor every other day. Yesterday was my worst. Shaking, crying, my mind felt cloudy and confused.
I hate bugs. I mean, they're neat when they're outside and nowhere near me, but it’s not cool when they randomly show up inside right next to me.
They're just saying hi 🐜🦗🦋🐌🐛🦟🐝🐞
And I promptly say goodbye.
I hate being the responsible one. I get screwed a bit because people know I can deal with it.
I hate spam19 (at least I think they're spam.if not then sorry)
i hate my lack of self control
I hate when I think about my past self.
Same. I think my past self is deliberately a dick to my future self sometimes.

I'll go into folders looking for a file and I'll sometimes find a document that says "Hey - I relocated this. Guess where. - Past You". It's funny to be a dick to my future self because he's an idiot and I can laugh at him, but my past self is a complete asshole.

But here's a hint from Future Me!
Yeah. The story I have is a lot more sad, sorry to say.
I hate cringe, though I suppose that’s the point.
I hate it when people from back home ask me “can I take this, this, that, and this?” What they’re really asking is “will I die?” and that’s the upsetting and confusing part. If I answer truthfully and say “no, you won’t die” then they’re going to do a shitload of drugs at once or if I say “honestly, if I saw you do that or if you told me you did that then I’d call an ambulance” then they’re going to say “okay so what if I removed X” and they’re still going to do a shitload of drugs. If I say “I’m not answering that” then they’re probably still going to do a shitload of drugs and have no clue what’s going to hurt them and they’re going to trust bullshit they see on the internet and think that reading a forum or a paper they don’t really know how to understand and come back and say “I done did my research” and probably end up coming close to hurting themselves. Like there’s a lot of good information on the internet, but not stuff they’d know how to access or make sense of.

How am I supposed to handle questions like that? They’re only getting more common from more people.
I hate that demonstrating responsibility almost all the time is worth nothing to children while demonstrating any laziness at all gets learned right away.

complain, complain...
gws said:
...demonstrating any laziness at all gets learned right away.
I guess that's the point. Being lazy is easy so we all wanna do it. Being a positive role model is tiring, my guy.
Got any more parenting tips?
Don't say the frick word :)
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