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gws said:
...demonstrating any laziness at all gets learned right away.
I guess that's the point. Being lazy is easy so we all wanna do it. Being a positive role model is tiring, my guy.
Damn right

Thank god I'm not a parent. Nothing I do can compare to that.
Yea if I get slack it shows in my daughter's behaviour, and I'm the only parent in the house so I can't slack off at all.
Thankfully, my cats only care if I'm lazy about feeding them.
Now I'm really reluctant about marrying.
I can't google anything for advice. I'll look for affirmation about, for example, crying in the middle of a call with my partner, and every limp dicked article-based website called something pretentious like "how to be a man" will make sure to yell at me because I, as a guy, don't act like an emotionless brick about everything. Saying that every girl in the world will leave me and stomp on my toes because I had the fucking audacity to let water come out of my eyes. I'm sitting here seeing what these turbolosers think about the fact that someone cried, while my partner was entirely fine with it and appreciated that I let myself be vulnerable.

To summarize, screw what others think about me. I cry and I laugh, and I'm happy I do. If someone doesn't see me the same way when I'm sad, they shouldn't have concerned me either.
I hate how fast every day moves.
I hate high schools not enough sleep so tired
I hate being overclocked.
We’re allowed to not have compensation for extra work?? It’s nessacery to lose sleep for school?? (Seriously, if you didn’t stay up far past your normal bedtime, you are a master at school and work. That’s not even half the respect.)
I hate that i am hungry right now
Get food!

I hate that even though I'm hungry, I don't want to eat.
It's like 'oh, I'm hungry', but at the same time, 'I don't feel like eating.'
I spend way too long on something that should be finished in 5 minutes. It could take 30 minutes to an hour to finish that thing.
I hate when people use "Quantum" as a buzzword for scientific, or worse, use Quantum to say "small" in un-quantised systems.
I hope you'll find a quantum of solace some day.
Here's hoping no tennis balls in socks are involved this time. *shivers*
I hate how very angry I've been feeling lately.
Same. Get a punching bag. That’s what I’m doing. You alright?
Fuck this perfect shitstorm that seems to be aligned with the stars.
  • My father is out of town for the next week at NY for an IPO
  • My mother is bedridden following a back injury for the next couple weeks and can literally only crawl until she's healed. I'm the eldest, so I have to take care of her, get her medication, swap out icepacks, and keep her fed and watered.
  • I couldn't take care of her during the day due to school, so my grandmother who is supposed to be recovering from chemo had to step in to take care of her
  • My mother usually takes care of things around the house, meaning I'll probably also have to cook and clean for me, her, and my younger brother.
  • My finals are next week, I'm taking 2 AP and 1 Honors class and my grades are weighted on my performance in them.
  • All following the recent news that one of my close friends has permanently swapped states and has moved to Texas.
  • Oh yeah, and another one of my friend's recently had his dad pass away, so that's also kind of fucked up right now
  • I'm currently averaging just under 4 hours a night and my mental health was already slipping. Have I mentioned I suspect I might be an early-onset paranoid schizophrenic, and that a lack of sleep certainly doesn't help? (symptoms haven't fully manifested, but I'm not at the average age it develops. IDK, It might just me projecting an overactive imagination into delusions just because I assume worst-case-scenario)

Fuck my life, man.

Optimism : In two weeks, school is over and I get to relax. It's not all bad. Just mostly.
I feel sorry for you.
Hope stuff doesn’t get more to crap.
And that things get better, and that you aren’t going to be a schizophrenic.
Salvage as much sleep as possible.
Yeah, well, I'm going to avoid saying "at l**st it c*n't get any w*rse", in case I jinx it, but I am thinking it.
I hope the best for you.
And to reiterate:
I'm sorry to hear that, man.

Having been in a vaguely similar situation, I'd recommend applying for special consideration or whatever your institution offers. I guarantee that will be sufficient circumstances to be approved and this is the exact kind of situation it is for. Or at least let your teachers know that your personal life is a shit storm. A letter from your mum's doctor as documentation would also be a good idea as evidence, which your school might want. It will ease a bit of the pressure while everything else is out of your control.
I cannot express how much I hate shitty parents.
I hate that when the Chiefs won the superbowl tonight, they already had the championship t-shirts made, which means they made them beforehand, which means the 49ers probably made some beforehand too in case they won, which means a lot of losing teams over a lot of years make a lot of shirts that end up in landfill.
I cannot express how much I hate shitty parents.
My parents have a very rigid system for now sickness and health problems work.
I'm not a good sleeper, if being up since 3 AM is any indication, and neither my body or me would like to try sleeping more. I've tried.
I'm also sick. Apparently, one is supposed to feel tired enough to sleep on command when sick. I'm not even up for sleeping, which seems to be the epitome of doing nothing.
Wyyca21 said:
Also the fact that I woke up about the same way someone would wake up after being extremely well rested. At 3.
I've been trying to sleep in, but I've consistently been getting up at 6 on weekends. I can try and sleep a little longer but the latest I've done is 8.
I cannot express how much I hate shitty parents.
Man, don't I know it. Things are definitely not good when I'm in a situation where I want to leave my dad, instead of it being the other way around.
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