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Also ones where the characters repeatedly make stupid and or unsafe decisions.
The amount of bullshit that goes into packaging things. Not everything needs a plastic wrapping.
I know right!
To add, smartphone companies claim to save the planet by not including a charger. This guy did a deep dive into it.
Wait, they don't include the charger anymore?

I haven't bought a new phone in such a long time.
Yup. To 'save' the planet and reduce carbon emissions. And they get the entire year to make their packaging compact, the Amazon worker gets 10 seconds. Thus, more wasted packaging.
god how i hate chance time so fuckin much

i just wanna mash it into a running waffle iron

Yes I’ve got an emer-
i hate the spoon that falls in my cereal
i hate the toilet bowl when i poo and its too cold

i hate everything, and they hate meeeeeeee
My biggest pet peeve is when someone keeps flaking out. Prime example of this is my friend.

"wanna play this game with me"
"ok... later"
"it's 7pm, do you want to play?"
"actually tmrw lul"
"it's tomorrow, do you want to play?"
"tmrw srry"
"it's tomorrow, do you want to play?"
"tmrw srry"
"it's tomorrow, do you want to play?"
"tmrw srry im playing this other game"

Now my brain automatically translates "tmrw" to "never"

I swear he will say he's going to write his will, and then suddenly he dies.
What game has you desperately begging your friend to play?
bro i wish i could do that and not hate myself :( whenever i ask repeatedly like that i feel like a whiny entitled bitch

i guess this is more a self esteem issue on my part

or years of being conditioned to feel this way

I typically don't ask more than once or twice, but if they keep flaking out on me imma give them the disappointed look
Pelon said:
What game has you desperately begging your friend to play?

Any game that isn't osu or roblox
Huh. Also nice pfp.
i hate it when my family discusses politics, especially since they sound so mad and say "对” upwards of 50 times per argument
What does that mean? I can’t read Mandarin even though I use it with my family all the time.

My parents just curse. In Mandarin. It doesn’t even sound profane.

My parents tend to agree with me on politics. We’re all Democratic, hate everything about Trump, and think that China, their home country, has a government that resembles a piece of shit.
whoa easy there bucko


edit: joking, joking.
i hate how it seems like my parents are always mad at me
I'm very often upset with my children because they do things that are disrespectful and inconsiderate of me.
I'm often upset with my parents because they often don't consider I have things I would like to do.
Consider this. Do the things that need to be done first. Then ask to do the things you want to do. Don't wait for them to ask you. Just do it. See what happens.

I assure you. Your parents have things they would rather do than their job, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, home work, laundry, and managing a household, ect
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