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Okay how's "senile" and "irate"?

C'mon man, I work at a grocery store. I see the worst of my elderly community.
Irate I mind less, because it is typically for a reason, rather than just "gruff entitlement".
I hate myself
If this is about the mafia thread, I'm not mad at you.
I hate natural log and Taylor series.
It's not

Just I hate my life
caveat said:
Read reviews from real people and not companies.

the main issue i have with it is that they're spreading a view that people have, that just because nintendo made it makes it okay to pirate it. sure, nintendo has some issues with being overly protective of their IPs, but they also have good working conditions and make a lot of games with time and care. the employees deserve they paychecks.
I hate natural log and Taylor series.

No idea what's being said here.
Count yourself lucky.
I hate natural log and Taylor series.

I can get the Taylor series, but what's so bad about natural log? Just calculating it by hand? Or the fact that it complicates equations?
i hate how everyone's brain perfectly records embarrassing memories, but not the ones we cherish
It's not a nice number.
Samsung23 said:
I hate myself

i made a post once that was deemed by probably everyone who read it to be pedophilic and rape-y
I hate this one person in my dm's cause I gave a response to their question in the AMA I did, and yet they didn't take it as a valid response
that's dum
I forgot what I hate most of all: proof by induction.
Proof by induction is fun!
It's not a nice number.

What are you talking about? It's the nicest number!
I kinda wanna die right now
Don't. But why?
I overshared to my crush
She probably doesn't like me anymore
My parents flipped
And I don't wanna live anymore
That's a super concerning statement and I have messaged you.

Without knowing the context, oversharing obviously isn't ideal, but it isn't irredeemable. If you crossed a line, now's a good time to establish that boundary so it isn't an issue in future.
People make mistakes. People are messy. All you can really do is learn and improve.
My uterus, vagina, back, legs, head and butt cheeks hurt. I hate having a period. Ugh
i hate my allergies to brown mushrooms.
i turn into itchy strawberry with rashes all over
My uterus, vagina, back, legs, head and butt cheeks hurt. I hate having a period. Ugh

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