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I've got a cold, and I feel like a rusty machine
get well soon poods
Seasons changing does that. Hope ya get better.
yeah wash your hands, people. cold and flu season is upcoming. stay safe out there
perhaps having some chrysanthemum tea will help, poods.
Get some Theraflu
lo han guo tea is good, too.
Uncle Iroh has good taste in tea
But what if Iroh was the tea all along?
This place does make unironically good teas though, link for $2 off
Rain. Are rain pants a thing? I'm tired of having wet legs after biking to work.
Good news.
And here I was about to point the briefcase to a hardware store. That looks like a much better option .
Rain. Are rain pants a thing? I'm tired of having wet legs after biking to work.
I use them for backpacking and also when I want to bike to work in the rain.
odio que tengo que puedo solo comer una comida al dia, y tambien solo puedo dormir tres horas a la noche.
ay caramba, escuela secundaria.
algo que?
i hate jasmine rice
I hate that you hate jasmine rice.

It's good >:(
I'm not a fan either.
i hate that gross aftertaste you get after consuming coffee candy
"why we always hate? why we not love?"

  • sister sam
i hate my problem with frequently having to urinate

what's your problem, bladder?
sounds like a ticket to an easy xanax prescription to me
I hate how some people require you to flat out say “No” and that often those are people who get their feelings hurt.
“You wanna hang out tonight?”
“I’m so hungover from last night and I’ve got snot pouring out of my nose so I might be sick.”
“That sucks. You wanna hang out tonight?”
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