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Even bugs?
What is the thing you hate the least?
She sounds like a good dog. I'm glad you enjoy her.
she is
I hate that I'm growing a mustache.
shave it
Mom won't buy me a razor
buy your own
I don't know how
you could probably find a razor in the dollar store, whats nearby?
I don't think there are any stores near me that sell razors. At least not within walking distance.
can you order one?
I don't have any way to buy stuff online.
not even a paypal or old gift card?
No paypal or gift cards :/
i dont know what you could do then, you could always just steal one
Waxing could be an option. Then again, I don't know 'nuthin, it could hurt like hell.
thats true, and you can make homemade waxes
😬 I think maybe I'll pass.
I just worked for 10 hours straight cleaning up my dorm to move home for the summer while simultaneously trying to finish a huge Calc project. I'm so fucking done.
When people brag about their grades.
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