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Then you must hate licky, then.
I… what?
Then you must hate me, then.
No? Does that user post their grades a lot? Aren’t they a kid? Like… what? If they talk about their grades a lot and they’re good grades then that’s fine, go them for making good grades. School’s important. I’m thinking more of people in my class who post their grades in the class group chat. It causes a mixture of thoughts that range from “How the fuck did you only make that grade in that class?” to “Fuck off, I’m still mourning.”

It’s mostly a “Hey… it’s too soon for that.” feeling.
Then you must hate me, then.
No to this either?
When people brag about their grades.

The tangential side of that: classes that are designed to fail X amount of students, rather than being representative of the actual difficulty of the material.
Yeah those are absolutely the worst.
"tough love"
Finally I can express my true thoughts.

I hate turkey.

It's overrated, whether whole or sliced. Turkey is the worst deli meat, and the worst poultry meat.
In medicine, if enough people decide that a non medical word is too long to write or too annoying, they use the first letter or two and then put an X at the end. History becomes "hx". Treatment becomes "tx". Diagnosis becomes "dx". I hate it.

What a bunch of lazy mfx. Sound like dxbags.
Brightly colored, sweet scented cleaners. I always think “Some stupid kid is gonna drink that and get poisoned.”
i hate that i can't turn into a dog or cat.
Why would you?
why not?
I hate that I can’t just transition already
nello1 said:
i hate that i can't turn into a dog or cat.
Being a cat would be fucking awesome.
I don't like being told I'm not human.
i want to be a bird i want to fly
Wrong thread!!! Oops. Redact.
I saw before the edit, and I thought it was funny regardless.
Well, I guess you could say I hate it when this happens.
I don't hate having Covid thus far. It's far from the worst cold I've had. What I do fucking hate is that now I can't fall asleep until 4 in the fucking morning. Why? I want to get over this shit and I need sleep to do that.
Drank a bunch of Nyquil and eat some Benedryl
That did not help, unfortunately.
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