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Ok, I keep seeing this number, and "generating interest in this number" is the only thing I can find about it. Does anyone else know anything?
It looks like a viral marketing campaign by "VI marketing and branding." Not sure what they're supposed to be marketing (and I guess that's the point).
This is the first I've heard about it. Where exactly have you been seeing it?
Google tells me it's a Nokia phone.
I see that everywhere! Whichh is funny because they put up a 5320 poster next to the door of building number 5320 lol.
What state do you live in?
Oklahoma. That number is everywhere here!
Not sure how reliable this is but I just looked this up

Should be the top thing on that list
Are you from Oklahoma Io ?
Nah, I'm not. I just typed the number and "generating interest" into Google and that was the first result.
It looks like it might have something to do with Oklahoma health care, saying that 5,320 lives would be saved each year under a new plan.
im just here for the snacks
asawyer92, don't necropost. Thread locked.