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Welcome welcome! Have a seat and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed / squeezed / baked / hammered / screwed / shaken / stirred
*insert favorite drink*!

Discuss your bestest liquids and such. Considering how popular they are as of late.
My favorite liquids are the necessary one, the caffeine-from-plants ones, and the makes-you-text-exes ones. In roughly that order.
I like this title. It fits well.
I got a sodastream for Christmas, total game changer.
I'm not really a sugary soda fan. I like soda water alright though.
That's the beauty of the sodastream! You can make EVERYTHING fizzy.
I had a similar machine when I was young, but it just made the fizzy stuff taste like cardboard.
I don't really like fizzing water. Or at least when it's got only a small amount of flavoring.
Is that so? My dad tried carbonating tea once and it didn't work because the solution was already pretty saturated. Have you had success in that area? Because I would like carbonated iced tea.
I do a carbonated tea. It's really good.

And a soda water apple juice which sounds gross but is apparently a thing.
They actually sell carbonated lipton iced tea here. It was my favorite drink for years. I actually know the guy who has the patent to it personally.
I love slurpees. The freezes at Taco Bell are heavenly.
I also only drink coffee when it's cold and blended with ice cream. If I go to Starbucks I get a "Java Chip Frappé with no whip cream" every time, even if it's below freezing outside. But I don't like Starbucks much, I like buying local. Washington has many many great coffee chains. I love Crusin Coffee and I'm pretty sure it's only in my county? I'm too lazy to check.
I dig White Russians. And chocolate milk, and also coffee. Coffe is very good. All of those liquids are very good.
I make coffee for a living so I've become a prick when it comes to buying coffee.
My parents got me a Keurig(sp?), and it's amazing. At first, it was just a hot water machine, but now I've started buying pods for teas and Chai lattes. Also, at one point I was addicted to green tea frappes. Over the summer I would have like one a day.
I love my Keurig.
Coffee is the beginning and the end. The alpha and the omega.
I hate carbonated beverages. If you give me a soda I will let it set for a few hours to make it flat. Beer is the most fizzy thing I like.
Mostly green and looseleaf
Soda (On tired days)
But mostly water. Aqua vitae and such.

Milk Tea is cool. Ginger tea is pretty spicy and really strong. Flowery teas are all fun, but I found these nice packaged tea bags from Bigelow that have nice flavors.
Aqua vitae is very much not water :P
My life has improved dramatically since I stopped letting other people brew my coffee for me. Unless they're true coffee professionals/artisans, of course.
Meowmix6 said:
Aqua vitae is very much not water :P

Is that like Smart Water?
I'm pretty sure it's not, though I don't know what Smart Water is.
It's one of the ones that supposedly has like electrolytes and shit in it to make your brain happier than good ol' H2O
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