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Guys, I have a problem. It's a killer, it's called procrastination(as you know), ever since I've discovered procrastination I got addicted to it for some reason. I just ponder the thought of doing something and then another side of me is like, "Why don't you do it later?" I don't know if you guys have the same problem as I do, or if you previously had it, but I need help getting over this and I don't know how.
Oh yes. Sweet sweet child, yes. I've been a procrastinator my whole life. Things don't typically get done until the very last minute. Sometimes I push myself to get it done sooner and it's always really rewarding but I'm just too fackin lazy.
Like I don't know how to stop procrastinating. My dad always had this saying, "Work now fun later, or fun now work later," I don't know what the fuck that means but when I heard it, it just seemed to me that I'll always have work eventually so why not do it later.
I cannot help you with this. I just finished my major homework assignments yesterday and it was due like 3 weeks ago.
I have like 5 or 6 quizes to take and a paper to write before next week.
I'm awful at getting shit done. I fuck around too much.
In my experience, it's nothing you can cure. I need motivation to complete things, and if it's fairly low priority, I wait until my motivation is in the form of a time-based constraint.
Well, hopefully someone can help us both soon :/

Edit: So I can't get rid of procrastination? I have to motivate my self to do things :o
I like to call it a deadline induced panic.
I've tried everything. Rewarding myself after finishing something on time, taking small breaks inbetween things I need to get done, work before play, play before work, etc.
No cure for me.
I'm hopeless.
Like apart of me wants to finish things early and have the stress off my chest, but I'm too lazy to get anything done until it hit's me that I'm gonna miss that assignment or I have to take the trash out now because it's trash day -sigh-
It gets easier if you just start doing stuff and find things to motivate yourself. E.g. I think about everyone I know who had a shot at school but failed out for being fucktards who never did their work and now are almost 30 and work in car shops or McDonald's or something. That makes me get shit done. Starting somewhere makes it easier to do other shit eventually like taking trash out cause it's easier to study when things are clean and thus easier to not become a 30 year old fry cook. Don't feel defeat, it's not a mental disorder.

Besides if you screw up a semester because of procrastination, it's not the end of the world.
Take drinking premarital sex and online gaming out of the equation and voila you'll be productive citizens
Sundog said:
drinking premarital sex and online gaming
Is that what kids are into these days?
Those are the ones that get me into trouble. I'm a man of simple tastes ig.
I've been known to dabble in drinking premarital online gaming every now and then.
I drink premarital sex all the time. I take it with a slice of lime, thanks.
Trick is not to drown.
So... This is something that I can get over? The key to me climbing out of this hell hole is to find motivation in doing work? I feel practically fucked.
Maybe I just don't want to admit that I am lazy, but in my experience, procrastination stems not from laziness but from my perfectionism. Since I know I can't actually do anything to my standards, I put it off and put it off until I can blame its not being up to those standards on the limited time in which it was, of necessity, completed. So my personal project and advice to you is to try to come to terms with your best work maybe never being as good as you want it to be. Easier said than done, but it's a good perspective to have.
Hell, I saw a psychologist to help with my procrastination and some other things. Not saying you have to do that but understanding why I am a complete mess of a human being helped me get through it (surprise surprise it was because of anxiety and perfectionism).

As far as strategies go, I find that writing down all my deadlines at the start of the semester in a calendar helps. From there planning out very specific targets of work to complete each day helped. Even if I didn't follow through with them, the assignments felt more manageable when broken up into reasonable sizes.
I find that procrastination is also something you generally outgrow as a necessity. For example, I can't procrastinate in my professional role. If my reports are consistently not ready when they are due, I will get fired. I think procrastination only really affects you when the consequences for procrastinating are relatively low. Even failing a semester of university, in the scheme of things, is not that serious when compared to losing your job, not being able to pay your bills and becoming homeless. Proper motivation has a way of kicking procrastination to the curb,
Yea, when you've got bills and mouths to feed your priorities change. Now I procrastinate on gardening and cleaning rather than important stuff.
I clean as a procrastination to avoid doing other things. It is easy to justify procrastination if you are doing something that still kind of needs doing, but less than the thing you want to avoid doing. Like I might vacuum instead of cleaning the bathroom...
Something that might help you get to the heart of the issue like Mrowy suggested is ask "Why?" a bunch of times in a row. When it comes to procrastination, online drinking isn't the problem, it's merely a symptom of the problem. Find the root of your problem.
Le example:
"My life is a mess."
"Well among other things I'm on the verge of failing a class that I should be doing well in."
"I keep doing shitty on the projects."
"Well the one due yesterday, I didn't have time to properly work on it since my family and I went to NY last weekend."
Why? (As they don't assign work that you can't reasonably get done by the due date...)
"Well I guess I also didn't start the project early enough because I wasn't sure what to do."
"I didn't bother to read the project spec until too late."
"Well because when I sat down to read it, I read one paragraph, said 'fuck this' and watched Netflix instead/went on the internet/doodled/what the fuck ever."
"Because reading the spec felt like a large obstacle."
"Because I felt like I had no idea what the solution would be, and I didn't want to think too hard and begin working."
"Well I didn't want to start working, come up with a sub-optimal solution that was messy and a waste of time, and since I felt like I didn't understand enough at the time to come up with the elegant/correct solution, I deferred it to my future self, that wouldn't necessarily know more or any better, but would have the panic monster to motivate her to figure out the answer."

This is just one example, and a long one too. Maybe there's multiple reasons you procrastinate. Maybe just one. Either way, digging deep and getting to the root of the problem might help you.

In my case there's more than one reason and I guess I'm still trying to figure that out. Especially since I'm still procrastinating and it's REALLY BAD. At this point I've been trying to do better since...well as long as I can remember, and I'm just sitting here like...I can't "fix" myself on my own. Worst part is is that we have resources on campus for that and even still I haven't gone, even though I've said that I should and it'll probably help...I guess I gotta play the why game to figure out why I didn't go when like A MONTH AGO I knew I needed to.
I too endorse the panic monster. He is a powerful ally before deadlines.
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