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Do you think it would cool for this site to get major recognition through media and advertising, or do you enjoy the secretive nature of this wonderful community hiding in the farthest corner of the internet?
I, for one, enjoy the small community.
I get the feeling that ol' boy wouldn't let that happen.
I worry about who would wind up on here by clicking on ads. What kind of reprobate clicks online ads anymore?
You're right about the ads, but I'm almost completely certain that an app would be incredibly popular.
I like the small community. The majority of us got here because of, and I think it takes a very particular individual to Google that.
Being widely advertised would mean more troll traffic
I came here from when someone put that website on memebase a trillion years ago.

So yeah, linking here from other places will get you with some pretty shit people.
I agree with everything everyone has said. Ads = trolls. We no likely trolls.
But the thing is, yes, there would be more trolls, but there would be far more people who aren't trolls. Also, we already have trolls. The ratio of trolls to actual users on this site would stay the same.
I disagree. Like already mentioned, the kinda people we really want on here are not going to be clicking on ads.
Edit: I think we'd end up with a bunch of hipster douches and more 13 year old girls asking how to look more mature.
I was once a 13 year old on this site and, though not a girl, almost certainly asked how to look more mature.

Now I'm a hipster douche on this site.

Thus, I have filled both quotas.
I don't care that the site has dwindled. I'm less concerned with the quality of new users, and more concerned with not being able to keep up with new posts. Like, sure, we could definitely use more activity, but if we had a huge influx of users, we'd end up with too much of it. We might end up needing more mods, which would be annoying.

I mean, let's be honest with ourselves. We're not the winneringest bunch. It's not like we're an elite club and only the best get in. One of our mods used to troll this site. C'mon, guys.
I want more people to piss me off
New trolls have me to deal with.
Jest hath impugned my honoure with such slanderous accusations.
I agree with the general sentiment that advertising would attract more trolls than real users. Most of the new users don't stick around much, anyway, and a lot of them die off within a few weeks. I can't imagine having that many new, temporary users coming in constantly. I also enjoy the small community aspect, too. It's like the comfort of a small town without all the shotgun-toting conservatives.
Your poor honour Gray.
the shotgun-toting conservatives.

pretty sure there were at least a few in the early days of the forum.
Yes here I am.
I'm kind of an elkie piece of shit too.
Whaaaat? I click on ads all the time. Fuck yes I want to see the 10 worst celebrity boob jobs.
I am such a sucker for click bait. Damn right I want to read 27 teachers share their worst student stories, I'll never believe what happens next.
Please no click bait, that stuff is heathen
Hey, hey, hey I didn't say it was Gray. You just knew who I meant.
I've ironically come to think that the forums would probably be more successful and more interesting place with a bit less formality, if anything, rather than focusing on getting more users or anything like that.
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