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Look we're all pretty young for the most part and we all have our own lives, Blake you have your own life. Point being this website isn't going to be around for forever and not all of us using it are going to stay around till Blake gets tired of this. A lot of us have used this forum for a long time. Anyway, can we make an effort to stay in touch with each other when this all ends? Shoot I still use emails to have conversations. We all probably have facebooks and etc. Basically I think it would be good for us to stay in touch even when we get older and forget about twocans. I know we've all changed over the years but we still all know each other for the most part and most of us have known each other for several years. I just think it would be really sad if none of us stayed in touch when this is all over.
I don't see Twocans going anywhere for a while. However, you have already added me on Facebook and so have a few others. Anyone who wants to add me can but I warn you, I mostly post cat pictures and funny videos that have nothing to do with me.
I don't either but I've just been thinking about the future lately (lol I'm 21 so of course I am) and I like all of y'all. Thanks for keeping me on Facebook btw!
Hmm...does this have anything to do with me taking most of NP down suddenly a few hours ago?
I think I still have you. I rarely purge people unless they post annoying statuses too often.
Eh, well, maybe. Not really. Just seeing you take NP down for a little bit made me remember that you're like in your thirties and have real life adult shit to care about. You own these websites, dude, you should always do whatever you want with them. But hey if you do decide that you don't want to take care of twocans any more then keep a few of us on Facebook or something, man. You don't have to add me specifically but you know what I mean. Or don't, you do you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm just over here thinking I made this account when I was 14 and people here have been important in my life.

Edit: oh bruh I don't even post on fb, just messages so don't worry. If you did remove me, I'll hunt you down and re friend you ;)

And I'm about to finish school so I'm about to have real life shit to care about too. I guess the fact that you took it down and redid it shows that you're still able to have hobbies which is cool, please keep it up til you get tired of it.
If blake ever wants to shut this place down I would take up the mantle and pay whatever to keep it afloat
I can't imagine it costs that much, does it Blake?
I wouldn't do that

Anyone can add my fb.
message me if you want to add me on facebook. or just start adding everyone you find named Liv and hope for the best.
Twocans isn't TwoCans without Blake.

Of course it isnt twocans without Marc, Zia, doll hunter, Brendan or Hydrogen either so.. I'm demanding
I mean, Blake made the website. This is all his. If I recall correctly, he made it from scratch. We're all just speculating here but if it was me I don't think I'd like that just for like privacy reasons.

It's okay dust, I mean looool, this whole thread is pretty demanding. Or are you actually demanding that we stay here forever and ever and ever?
Well, I do that thing where I don't let go of habits that I enjoy unless they're detrimental but hey this website def ain't detrimental so I'll be here forever. Even when I die. I'm hoping that by then we can do the simpsons days of the future thing and put ourselves on flash drives like homer.
Yo same here I'd love to keep in touch. Message me if you wanna add me!
Edit: I'd also like to encourage people to join the Discord server set up. Nice place to chat.
I'm really bad at keeping in touch though (even though I want to in theory I always feel a bit like I'm a bother or intruding if I shoot a message out these days) so I might just be a ghost in passing or not even on your feed, but I do like the idea of not losing the connections though so of course anyone and everyone is welcome to add me on fb.
I want more of you to be my friend on facebook! If you're interested, message me and we can figure it out :D
I have an email address. PM me if you want to know.
If you can find me, you can add me, y'all.
Also have snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.
I think most folks have me on Facebook already. If you don't, but would like to, please feel free to message me!

I'm also always on IRC as eriophora. I prefer it over Discord.

I additionally have Snapchat, email, et cetera... So pick your poison, really.
I don't have a facebook, but I'll Snapchat anyone who wants, but be prepared for terrible jokes. Just send a PM.
I also have an Instagram full of cats for those who'd like it.
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