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Hi. I really like cats. Like, REALLY REALLY like them. Just wanna find some other catlovers out there.
Cats are diabolical hell spawn.
I also hate cats.
I don't like living with cats but I can tolerate being around then
Cats are cute af.
Dogs are also cute. Ever see a big grown ass dog run in circles all excited to get food? ITS SO ADORABLE.
(Cats have a better texture than dogs tho that I know fo sho)
There are few things I believe with true conviction, but one of them is that cats > dogs.
Yeah, well you have an obvious bias.
What do you meeeeeeeaaaaaaannnnnnn? Mrowy is an impartial judge if I've ever seen one

Anyways I'm not gonna say you're wrong if you hate cats or dogs. I'm just gonna say I think you're missing out, because both are adorable creatures and worthy pets in their own right. I don't think people tend to hate dogs as much as cats. But honestly, cats can be just as sweet. You just can't treat them like dogs haha. Cat owners might complain about shit like "he walked on my keyboard!" But honestly it's the most adorable thing ever, if we really have a problem with it we can pick up the kitty or slightly nudge them off, they'll get the message. And unless you mistreat dogs or cats they're not going to hurt you. The single most adorable thing in the world is when the cat curls up next to you to sleep, and stretches out a paw to touch you. Like the cat just wants to feel that you're there.
I've had flatmates with cats, I am missing nothing.
I had a farm of cats when I was growing up. I had my room taken over by my mother's and sister's cats when I was in high school. They completely destroyed my bed. And then the flatmates with cats. Like I said, wouldn't want to live with one, but I can tolerate being around them otherwise.
Fair enough, I just WISH WE COULD ALL GET ALONG ;_;
I said that I wanted all the cats in corrupt a wish then someone gave them all ptsd
unless you mistreat ... cats they're not going to hurt you.

Bull. Shit.
I use my cat to determine whether I can be friends with someone or not. If my cat doesn't like you, that's a real pity.

My cat hates everyone other than me, so I just have to keep all my love for myself. Alas.
@Sundog: what do you mean, cats attacking people unprovoked? Cats v other cats? Or just cat nibbles/scratches?
He's talking about psycho cats like my sister's that will attack you if you move so much as an inch while you're under a blanket.
I've always liked cats, but then again we have two and have never had a dog, so I don't truly know what I'm missing.
I have a cat and a dog.

That's it, no story. Just contributing.
That's the dream
British shorthairs are the cutest things. They're all fat and squishy.
I like cats so much and if you raise them from kittens around dogs then they'll get really personable habits. You can also actually train a cat and get it to shit outside pretty easily. I grew up with four cats and I've learned to read them and what they want and what they're doing just from their body language and facial expressions. When I'm around other people's cats, they always warm up to me quickly. They were always able to tell when I was sick or injured or upset, probably through body language as well.

Also if you really want a cat to like you, be the one who feeds them.

It's also really fun to train cats to be hunting, crazy assholes. They'll keep you rodent and song bird free. I just wish cats could take commands, like, "kitty, go kill the mourning dove that's waking me up at 5 am"
Two years ago, my dad and brother found a kitten living outside a chinese restaurant and took him home. My brother named him Ginger. Ginger has always been a good cat. At first we got him a liter box to use. And he knew exactly how to use it without us training him. But the smell got to be a big problem, so we got rid of the liter box. Now Ginger just goes outside. He will go to the door and meow we he has to go, and will come back in when his done. Didn't train him to do that either.
Yeah, exactly. What I did for two of my cats who were shitty about it (lol) is just throw some litter outside in the grass somewhere and bring the cat to that part of the yard ... or neighbor's yard. Cats are good about that. Some kitties are shitty kitties though.
What surprised us was how fast he grew. Ginger was a very tiny little kitten when we first got him. It only took him a couple of month to get really huge. And by huge, I don't mean fat.
This is why I don't like cats