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What's your city like?
I live in a regular city I guess. It has it's share of potheads, prostitutes, cholos, winos, bums, the mayor stole a grip of money from the city funds, not a place you want to be when darkness falls. A tranny was following me home one time... kinda scary. It's a bit depressing in my city, but at least it's not South Central.
My city: Small, overpriced, overcongested, filled with potheads, rednecks and just plain idiots; weather is annoyingly moody;

...on the other hand: Everybody is nice, mornings are peaceful; it rains often; we're surrounded by two A high schools, a community college, a university(in this area alone) and everything is usually in reach.
My city is typical suburbia. About 50,000 people comprised mostly of middle to upper-middle class families. Many subdivisions filled with decent-sized houses with well-groomed yards, and plenty of new cars on the roads. Shops, restaurants, gas stations and banks are all readily available, but it's kind of dull here. We have a movie theater, and that's about it for "fun" places.

There are some good things about it. We have one of the best school districts in the state, and crime rates are very low (and the crimes committed are usually speeding or petty larceny at worst). As a whole, though, the people here are really conservative in the sense that anything "different" is considered wrong (if you're anything other than white and straight, you're "weird") so it can be pretty irritating sometimes. But overall, I have very little to complain about.
that is like the complete opposite from my city.
My city has 5 million people, so I can't really say what all of it's like. I live in the 'ooh la-la' upper North Shore, however, which has a snobbish reputation. The only reason I live here is that my parents bought a shitty house back in the nineties when everything was cheap. We're not snobs in the least sense of the word.
My City has 100,000+ people in it, theres also lots of surrounding cities.
That's LA County for ya.
I'm outside of Milwaukee, which is one of the smaller "big" cities in the US to begin with. Size-wise, though, I'd say my city is perfect, in terms of population and physical area.
Small cities seem really bland and boring and full of white republicans.
My hometown - really small (only about 1300 people), full of thieves and broke people, drug infested, its nickname is methville, the county in general is known as the meth capital of either the state or the country, though I'm pretty sure they said country.
I live in a city of 20,000. Sadly it is the biggest city in the entire county. The city it's self is nice enough, and the people are fairly tolerant and understanding, but there are a lot of ignorant and closed minded people who live in the surrounding rural area. I like certain aspets of it, but I'm likely going to move somewhere larger when I get the chance.
You Should move to East LA. i kid. That place is way too ghetto. Unless you like ghetto places?
I'm in the middle of nowhere, which I like. It's nice and quiet at home, and I am right next to a decent city that has a handful of things to do. I wouldn't mind moving somewhere that didn't get above 80 degrees though, I enjoy winter a lot more.
Could someone please explain to me the difference between republicans and democrats? I am lost whenever anyone talks about them. Also, while we're at it - the whole reason for the civil war and what each side represented.

Anyway, my city is similar to Hobb's but better and with a second-grade arts school. -Shakes fist in anger- Damn you, NIDA! I live in the outskirts of the 'burbs where skater-dudes are plenty and grown men have bikes half the recommended size. Building bike jumps is a teenage career that can lead to an escalated social status in the state high schools. The public transport is great, so are resources (except if you live in my area. We seem to be a black hole for any sort of classes or workshops that may arise). Market culture is huge - going to craft, farmer's produce or flea markets is a regular thing for most people. Vintage clothing is very popular, which quite honestly annoys me. They're all either "Eeew, but someone else has worn it!" or "OMG I HAVE TO HAVE IT, IT'S SO INDIE!". Going to the ballet, theatre or orchestra is also fairly common. I suppose you could say we're the artsy city.
Yeah... Sydney's got all the lads. My area is home to the 'Esahys, braaah' clan, lovers of shitty dubstep. I noticed that Melbourne has little or no bogans, whereas in Sydney every second girl you see is wearing not more than jeggings/leggings, faux-leather sandals and a too-tight singlet saying something stupid like 'I HEART HOUSE MUSIC' or 'TEAM EDWARD' and every guy is wearing boardies, thongs and an equally stupid shirt. The North Shore is the worst offender in this respect. Although the adults are mostly conservative church-going Liberal-voters in my area, their offspring have formed a cess-pool of anti-intellectual, money-spending, Macca's-eating, ignorant bliss. As you can probably tell I have no time for such nauseating adolescents.
Could someone please explain to me the difference between republicans and democrats? I am lost whenever anyone talks about them. Also, while we're at it - the whole reason for the civil war and what each side represented.


The liberal party in the US. Policies tend to be watered-down socialism and typically are in support of any freedoms that do not directly harm others. The way to fix the economy is to pour money into it. Once the economy is fixed, then the debt can be more easily handled. Health care is a right. Most are in support of gay marriage and some for the legalization of drugs.
  • Geographic concentration: dense urban areas.
  • Positive self image: voice of reason.
  • Negative stereotypes: pot-smoking hippies.


The conservative party in the US. Policies lean towards purist capitalism and occasionally Christian influenced morals. The way to fix the debt is to stop spending. The economy will grow once the debt is under control. Health care is a privilege. Many are opposed to gay marriage and against legalization of drugs.
  • Geographic concentration: everywhere else.
  • Positive self image: defender of morals and family values.
  • Negative stereotypes: old-white religious fanatics.

The Civil War was sparked by economic and cultural differences between the North and South. One of the central issues was slavery (North against slavery and separation, South for). The Civil War started in 1861 when South Carolina was the first state to secede and ran through 1865.

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Thank you kindly, Blake. That was rare and valuable.

Hobb: We have bogans - you just have to know where to look. Specific suburbs are known for their bogans and they're usually those with higher crime rates. That said, I work with one and her accent is absolutely hilarious. She's a quite a wholesome girl though. I'm sorry to say, but liberals get up my nose; they represent everything that is wealth and power. They represent the rich and discard the needs of the poor. Hilariously enough, the CBD of Melbourne elected a Greens member as their council representative in federal parliament. We don't really have many religious, racial or sexuality issues within our country - too many people are bigots and they tend to crush any sort of human rights movements that go against their sense of white supremacy, patriotism or discomfort towards homosexuals. I'm going to a Marxism Workshop in... April, which is going to touch on that. Teenager wise, it's fairly similar to everywhere else - the more money you have, the better school you go to and the better morals/values you have. That said, there are those that slip through the cracks or feel as though they don't belong in the socio-economic category they are suited to.
20,000 people. Mostly white. Boring, not much happens here. Never see anyone outside.
Aha, i always love the 'other' catagory xD to me, it just insinuates(in my strange head) some odd people that cannot be catagorized; "It's because i'm green, isn't it!?" -The Grinch
I live in the country, about 20 minutes outside a town of about 10,000 people. I love the country. I hate the town, it's ugly & the mill makes it smell like cabbage half the time. I think I've seen maybe 4 black people total that live in that town. We have a few aisan families, but it's mostly just caucasian & indian (native).
the country seems really boring, but at the same time you feel free.
I live in a city of 85,000. The power-structure in town has tried desperately to keep a "small-town" atmosphere and left the city with very little to do beyond drinking, shopping, and eating. That same power-structure spends almost no money in the city itself, and instead it flies to Dallas to do most of it's shopping, simply for the sake of prestige. Were one to throw a stone at a any given point in my city, he/she would likely hit one of three things: a church (probably baptist), an Arvest Bank, or a Vietnamese Pho Resturant. The main strip through old down-town contains the majority of the local watering holes and tends to draw big crowds from all the surrounding smaller towns on the weekends, making for a raucous cacophony. It's a strange thing to hear shitty covers of classic rock songs bouncing off of old tin plated ceilings and exposed brick. In the bunker of one of the better places to grab a drink, the mortar between the bricks is slowly but surely turning to dust and flowing down the walls, gathering in piles on the pleather seat cushions while the Art Nouveau stained glass windows dance to the beat of Johnny Cash or Nofx or some random electronica. It's an old, gritty sort of a place and every new building and remodel downtown just makes the old look older and maybe a bit more profound. My city sits on the former line between civilization and wilderness blurring the two. Now it just sits in the middle of the country trying to be a cosmopolitan city and Mayberry all at once.
Small cities seem really bland and boring and full of white republicans.

^Yep. That is my town.
I love how it's been raining for an hour, and the humidity is still only at 87%. That impresses me greatly.
My town is quite similar in that aspect. But very overpriced and boring:

All the wonderful pictures are real, they do exist if you know where to go... yet, they all cost money :)