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Here to showcase some cool profile images. Come and leave a comment, so everyone can view yours. Im looking for inspiration.
I like mine, but it's pretty basic
I remember reading in a thread somewhere about how to make your pfp an image but completely forgetting about it, so now I'm stuck with this pfp that's less dumb than my last one.

Bonus points if anyone can guess what I was going to use these colors to draw but gave up!
I think you were going to draw a tree with a santa hat on.
doesn't seat 20. NEXT!
I like mine.
It's pretty but also physically painful to see the

try to fit into an L shaped hole
I-Is mine cool?
Yours is really cool! What's it from?
JoJo's bizzare adventure part 4, mostly. It's explained on my profile.
So how'd you pick out the background?
It's actually tied to the skull, because Killer Queen is Yoshikage Kira's stand, and he wears purple/gold suits and ties. This is one of the many patterns that I could've picked.

Edit: It also took a while to center it correctly, and even longer to keep everything looking fine while I made it. Here's a search for the pattern to give you an idea of what I was looking for. (I used these as reference images)
I'm gonna guess Arale's profile picture 2 was going to be Quote from Cave Story.
That's actually a pretty good guess! I'm sort of embarrassed to say what it actually is lmao
Please share!
Everyone wants to know
Also Howismy PFP?
very gradient
what does that mean?
everything goes from a darker color to a lighter color.
Is that good?
I'm not an art expert? I really have no idea if that's good or not. I like the tf2 though.
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