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I know I'm late to everything, but I recently discovered Adult Swim InfoMercials+.
Though they may apear at first like childhood nightmares making little to no sence whatsoever, Adult Swim videos have underlying messages. One is the distruction of the human mind when addicted. People have also found links to external sites featuring different games on certain YouTube videos of theirs. Questions remain: who puts these together? Why? What do the videos mean?
Anyway... Wondering if anyone on here has their own therories on one (or more) of their videos.
Adult Swim is the peak of art in video.
I think the adult swim bumper “you should be watching family guy on adult swim. It is much better than fox. You think you’re watching adult swim right now, but it’s Fox” is probably the weirdest one I can remember. I was often too tired to pay any attention, and if I was paying attention, I wouldn’t remember.
I'm actually writing a manifesto on postmodern absurdist film for a class and i'm going to write about "Unedited Footage of a Bear" in that. I assume that's the video you're referring to. Yeah that video, like a lot in that series, is mostly trying to fuck with people, but like you said, it also has a message. Calling it "claradryl" really puts benadryl in its crosshairs, but yeah it shows drugs can fuck with you even (and especially, as that video shows) drugs that appear harmless in commercials.
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