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Ok dude 🤙🏽
it would rule if someone could come cure my asthma. i get a cold and as soon as i start to feel better asthma strikes and doesn't stop for a good week because i don't need functional lungs i guess.
Wow dude are you ok?
ugh somewhat. it's just annoying more than anything while i'm trying to get work done and coughing will definitely keep me up all tonight.

edit: in other news, if anyone else is in university and has to sift through lots of academic papers then i highly recommend downloading the Zotero extension and app. It'll reference for you and you can sort all your papers easily and tag them and all sorts of things.
Do you have any recommendation for an underrated movie?
Zardoz is probably the most important film that has ever been made and is even more so today.
Orange breechclouts ftw!

One of my lesser-known faves is a 1984 Werner Herzog film : Where the Green Ants Dream.
Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny.
You have the yellow dot Lazro.
What does that mean?
Did Blake ever turn them off?
Not yet.

He thought there would be compatibility problems with a re-write he was planning. Either that hasn't happened or he's resolved the clash.
Coldfrost said:
You feel bad for wearing the same shirt twice in one week, but you never notice when your friends do it.

I only feel bad for wearing the same shirt twice in a row.
Same lol
I only have two work shirts, and they sometimes get cleaned.
Dear everyone who has lost many family members,

Connect with you cousins. If you have any cousins that you like, any cousins you’re distant from, even cousins you’ve never really gotten along with - connect with your cousins. Barring obviously reasons not to, cousins are great.

That is all.
Amen brother
Its been 8 months since I’ve separated from my wife and I’m not gonna lie it has been very depressing. Anyways she just hit me up saying if I have thought of her, I have I’ve been thinking so much about her, us. Mostly just what she’s been doing, who she’s been with. I just don’t understand, she makes it seem like she’s been doing great without me. Why text me and say you’ve been thinking of us. Why are you telling me you believe we were meant for each other. Idk it hurts me to say this but I’m not ready to get back with you I feel like I need more time, that’s what you wanted, NEEDED!!! Am I wrong?? It hurts though it really does😞
I’m afraid of myself.
Big oof.
I am currently holding the "Recent Forum Posts" section of the front page hostage.

If you ever want to see it diversified again, you will do exactly as I say:

1. Post something
"Fear urged him to go back, but growth drove him on" -Jack London, White Fang
I get the feeling that a lot of people on the forum are just here for games or Q&A. Not like there's much else going on in any other threads.
Idk, why are people still coming back to the site? I'm gonna have to assume that q&a is sufficiently interesting to come back regularly.
Force of habit. Been here too long and like too many folks to manage to disengage completely. C'est le vie.
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