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*Flips open Motorola Razr with a MIDI version of American Idiot as a ringtone*

What makes you say 2006?
Tbh I still own VHS tapes and a VCR...and my car, which won't start anymore, has a cassette player. I might have a Sex Pistols cassette tape somewhere.
I drive a 2001 Honda accord and have a cassette player and CD player. And my razor may or may not have had American idiot as the ringtone.
My auto tech teacher showed us a video of his 1965 sunbeam tiger getting a free fixup for a tv show
I'm 90% sure this site's tenth birthday is coming up any day now, or maybe happened already?
I think you're right on that, but only the grand poobah can let us know for certain.

Are you listening, webmaster?
The tenth birthday of TCaS 2 or of the origin of the site?
*Prays to at the altar of the internet* Please bring us the Webmaster.

This feature still doesn't work.

We missed it.
But we were CLOSE! Party like it's 2009!
I wonder whatever happened to chaos? What made them pick that name? How soon after they found the site did they stop using it? What was their first question?
InsiDoubt said:
The tenth birthday of TCaS 2 or of the origin of the site?

I think the birth of tcas 1 was on the 9th. At least, it matches up with my timelines
Wait for me
Speaking of birthdays, I have (and had) the little "hide my birthday" box on Facebook checked for one simple reason. Now I'm going to get updates all day from people (most that I know and care for) wishing me to be happy.
Is your birthday coming up?
Hrmph. Of COURSE my manager would be gone on the day I was planning to turn in my resignation...
I am both happy and sad that I am sick enough to miss school today.
Does the number 1238 mean anything to anyone here?
It's the year the Mongols managed to take Moscow in the middle of winter.
(Moscow was a small town then, but still.)
Oh, well I had a vivid dream and I clearly remember seeing that number. I don’t remember seeing it anywhere else. I’m just wondering where I got it from.
My birthday is five days away :D
Happy early birthday, here’s a cupcake 🥳 🧁
I've got a ways to go before my next birthday. Happy early birthday Fatty the fat guy!!
My birthday was yesterday. Having a nice little dinner at home, and playing some games with my brothers online was good. The only negative part of the day was at work when (after one person wished me a "happy birthday" being that Facebook notified him) in the managers office six other people chimed in "Oh, it's your birthday?", "we should get you a cake", and "we should do something for you." This was about 30 minutes before they all went to lunch together (along with the 2 admins), and left me alone here to skip lunch. They got back from lunch, and gave me a bit of paperwork to do. About an hour later I told myself, "fuck it", and left a couple of hours early.
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