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Most of you have never seen my face before, so I suppose now is a good time to link my mug after a night of studying for the Chem SAT, studying for a history test, and touching up on my C.
N i ce hair brother
I agree, much better than my shit hair
I'm actually getting it cut soon. It's such a p a i n to wash and brush
Took a lab selfie.
Gray, you sexy beast!
Is it hot in here or is it just Gray?
I took a mid-concert selfie last night.
I took a selfie in the garden. These are my cousins.

You guys look great. Come chill on my leaves. I think I’d break anything I’d touch in your lab. I’d probably turn your... I can’t tell what instrument that is, but I can tell it’d break if I played with it.
I should take more pics of myself. Last one I have is from March.
I’ve taken pictures of myself before, but I don’t think I actually like to. I don’t feel ugly or something like that. I just don’t like the act of taking a picture of myself and showing it to people for some reason. I’ll do it for people I don’t live around just to be like “you’ve seen me before. We talk sometimes. I don’t look the same as I did a year or four ago.”

I turned into a plant though.
Taking pictures of yourself is very helpful when you're drunk though. You can make a cute little album to reflect on past mistakes.
What I do for those sorts of situations is take pictures of other people every now and then and keep my phone on record.... I’m not as creepy as that sounds (although I wish I could do a stan smith and wear a wire all the time). Sometimes you just want to be able to go back and listen to the things you and your friends did while you were sitting in the dark in the same room from 9pm to 6am.
There are some very funny videos online of people putting on GoPros before taking their Ambien.
Oh god that sounds terrifying. The couple times I took ambien out of desperation for sleep.... I did not sleep. Never ever taking ambien again.
I don’t post many photos either, think my FB pic is like 3 years old lmao. But I’m obliged to post a hair update every so often
Hello there, internet friends. I was really wiped out after a concert on Saturday and took this photograph.
Who plays the best instrument that exists?

Scoggles does.

(Coming from another trumpet player)
Who plays the best instrument that exists?

Scoggles does.

(Coming from another trumpet player)
I mean, I don't like to toot my own horn, but...
Whoa now let's not get to horny.

No need to trumpet to the audience, we get it.

Let's keep a level head and not be brass.

Some of these puns are just tu-ba d.
I will personally stick my trumpet in your

trumpet case
Now that makes ME horny
I don't believe in unique horns.
More trumpet pics...
These pictures sure do blow me away
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