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Okay, here's a snippet:

From The Babble:
The heaven for you; for the king of Aphek, one; the king . And after they had rowed about five thousand sheep, and three thousand and three measures of pure gold: of beaten work shall be delivered, but the sign of the LORD . And David the king in Gihon: and they that had escaped from them that preach him, being abominable, and disobedient, and rebelled against thee . And Moses took one portion of his God . Moreover he must do after this the Christ? He is green. The fear of you hypocrites, as it were a thousand bullocks, a thousand goats: and he hath not kept it . Then I said unto the congregation, and the dust, and licked up the doors of the seed of Israel, and against him bands of the earth, and they shall be carried away captive from Jerusalem ...... Therefore, behold, I send pestilence among you; lest ye die: it shall rise up wholly like a wave offering before the oblation shall be joyful in glory: let them be ashamed in the night; There stood a man shall lie down in the wheels.


And, behold, God himself and for the people is broken in pieces man and his sons' garments with him . Then certain of the operation of God, that ye should shew light unto all the blood ran out waters on the twelfth month, in the midst of thee upon the loins of Jacob . ....Or have ye reproached me: ye are sanctified, but ye are complete in him, according to your old age . The children of Israel came, and it filled all the borders of the Jews, containing two or three witnesses, shall he not put her away for any; ..... And he came and spake of stoning him, because they have turned away back . The mountains melted from before it was told Saul, and desired to eat .

I've cut out a bit between paragraphs to save space and only highlight the weirdest sentences. Keep in mind this is just a small part of the original.

So I put in “Jag är en”, which just means “I am a” in Swedish, then took what that gave me and put it through google translate to get back to English, and I got this masterpiece:

I am a madman for a long time.

Hooked that it would come.

You get that long action.

You long anchor.

You can first say that on the culture.

You a bloom you prayed for that or you.

You bloom contact the first born with then reminiscent about the fact that it was like the host of a fringe. May it have to be longing.

Straight and straightforward about it, it gets to.

Straight to what or with the fact that they have leaned on you.

On contacting about then gave birth to the commentary on that on
I typed in "Asshole" and got this: [18:43] <Bogdan> yeah [18:43] <nalixor> the idea was to use the fact that this is a social system that would be used to control users behavior as a tool to make it easier for government agents to control and manipulate it [18:43] <@shecalledmepaul> and the way they control you [18:43] <mivv_> the main use I can see this as is to allow you to use your computer for stuff that no one else wants you to do [18:43] <XavierMendel> lol not so much if your computer isnt a laptop. [18:43] <fastantic4> well why not get to work [18:43] <@shecalledmepaul> they also use it [18:43] <Bogdan> i don't really get it. [18:44] <fastantic4> to control a group of users that are not in the group [18:44] <nalixor
A man walks into a bar. A woman goes up next to him. No one ever talks with him again.

A man gets up and walks to the next bar.

There is nothing at that bar, but there is a man up next to him now, walking in the opposite direction.

No one ever talks with him, but he says he feels this presence. It tells him he doesn't know him at all, and that he was there before.

A man who is in a place of service, comes in, stands next to the guy up next to him, and then starts talking to him. He starts to say he never had any reason to know him.

They talk all morning and through the day, until they finally run out of friends they'll ever know and end the conversation.

A woman has a bar of her own, a place her own to make customers feel comfortable if that's what they want to hear.

Her place doesn't say, "You don't know me." But if you look at it, it says, "You don't have to, please
i love experimental fiction

Can you ever be really certain you're gonna get to see your girl again?

What else can you think of, anyway?

I'm gonna go to bed now, thank you very much.

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When Amanda gets back from Canada she has an announcement to make. She is going to leave her life behind. After being in the public eye of some serious allegations and being on television for the first time with her lawyer she finds herself facing a lot of pressure. What could she say and do that could stop this? And if she says anything she is going to risk being fired, so she is going to choose to stay in Canada in order to protect herself and her family. With Amanda getting close to retirement and being faced with the prospect of having no money left, the idea of going to China, but not telling her parents because she is afraid is not worth it. To avoid the backlash she makes a big deal of her age and doesn't want to be known as the age-related person who is going to cause trouble for all of our family. However, this brings an unexpected blow when she learns that the Chinese government wants to hire her for a big secret job. But when she refuses she finds out that the company has been hiring young ladies to play their roles in order to raise money for a hospital there. Can she turn them down?
Im surprisingly wanting to see REALLY funny memes.
Achille12345 is back again bois!
feels good.
It just came to my attention that NASA's planning on supporting human life on the moon by 2024. Thrilling.
That’s all fine and good but when is NASA gonna make a fidget spinner? Also, in other news, fidget spinners are fun to play with when you’re bored or need to remove your mind from what you’re doing. Maybe potheads should just stare at these things.

Also, everyone should try sitting in a tiny and completely dark room for at least an entire hour without introducing any light and then walk outside in a normally lit area at least once in their lives.
Does caving count?
We came out after about fourteen hours underground and the moon was out and damn, it was just good in this visceral, instinctual way. I like the sky.
Dude that’s even better. It makes you feel good when you finally come out into some light, spending a lot of time in the dark. And I mean like... pupil dilating, muscle relaxing, giddy faced good. Woah. Man, I wish the ground beneath me wasn’t clay, clay, clay the whole way down. Dark closets are great though.

Also what is 14 hours underground like? I feel like I’d start freakin’ out.
It was 90% amazing, 10% pure terror.
I was caving with some college friends who do it a lot, in a cave in Sloan's Valley, KY, that they're familiar with.
I'm fine if I have a plane open to me, like if I'm in a slot or without headspace. Turns out I am very not good in squeezes or tubes. Had a few panic attacks. Luckily I was with friends I trust completely and we didn't have anywhere to be.
I probably wouldn't do it again, but I learned a lot about myself and had some good memories to take away. There was this one huge room we stopped in for about four hours full of clay mud. So we had clay fights and clay water bottle wrestling. Very cool.
We slept in a different cave, and overslept because no sun. 2am and 11am are the exact same.
The dark strangely wasn't an issue. It was just really, really cool to some out to cold air and a bright full moon.
Dude. That sounds awesome. How did you get there? Like... was this a cave on yours, someone else’s, or public property?

Also every single restaurant needs a kids’ menu. If everything at the restaurant sucks, then I know I’ll at least eat fried chicken.
The cave is on private property, but my friend is on good terms with the owner. He's also done some work in the Fisher Ridge Cave System and a couple other places. There's actually a National Geographic article about a time he got trapped in a cave in Mexico, haha. (Though 'trapped in a cave' sounds very scary. As he tells it, it was more inconvenience than mortal danger.)
Like I said, it was a good thing I was with people I trust with my life and sanity. I'm not normally claustrophobic, it just kinda reared its head when I was squeezing through a rock tumble several hundred feet underground. It was definitely a challenge, but I feel I came out stronger. 90% of it was amazing.
I feel like I’m bound to have a fuckin breakdown at some point. I’m not really depressed anymore, not anywhere close to what I used to be, but I know at some point I need to get my fuckin life together, and I just don’t know how to do that. I want to keep going, but I still can’t conceive of any world where I have any kind of long term future. There are so many things I want to do, but I just haven’t been able to get myself to do them.
I played a really long rehearsal in a very hot barn tonight. I'm trying not to be totally miserable, but it's hard. Also, I had to sit in a very uncomfortable chair in a very cramped pit and we're on our third conductor and she's trying but not very good.
I'm staring to wonder if a lot of mental illnesses are nurture rather than nature. I'm no psychologist or anything, but in my personal experience, if I felt more loved growing up, I wouldn't be struggling like I am today. I don't have diagnosed depression, but I wonder if some people with mental illnesses would be cured simply by having someone who loves them with their heart and soul in their life. I know I would.
School cafeterias are cold.
I am apparently a font of obscure trigonometric identities.
I visited Martha's Vineyard today! There were 25 dollar lobster rolls for sale.
That's somewhat pricy.
Just composed some music for an English assignment. A nice, somewhat orchestral composition.... set to the words of the "Solidarity Service" from Brave New World.

Music feels kind of ruined when you have the words "Orgy-Porgy" sung over it
I'd like to hear it.
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