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Coldfrost said:
We been dealing with algal blooms up here, too. Mostly in Lake Erie. They were a huge issue in the 60s and 70s, and we wanted to get rid of them for a few decades, but they're back with a vengeance now.
There's lots of local efforts, but I'm not too hopeful for federal action, seeing the current state of the EPA.
It'll be even harder to deal with the gulf issue. Most of the runoff is coming from Ohio and the blooms are mostly affecting Ohio. It's hard to get Missouri held responsible for its runoff when it doesn't even have coastline.
Dude, fuckin' Ohio. That place's doing it to us too. Illinois and Iowa too. And Missouri. Most states that do intensive farming and that are north of us.

Edit: Btw, kylljoy, you didn't say anything shitty. I'm just a little ... cynical, I guess, about the rest of the country.
Most states that do intensive farming and that are north of us.

Grayseff said:
I hate that NIMBY bullshit. "But we don't have a coast so fuck you we ain't changing." Farmers here are a lot the same with river pollution.
I do too. It's one of the biggest reasons that I get, maybe childishly, irritated with the rest of the US sometimes. Like, especially with the ways I saw people across the country reacting to Katrina. I was too young at the time to see it all because I was 10, but after I started using the internet and seeing people talk about it was when I started getting really PO'd. And also with all the flooding that happened in Baton Rouge a few years ago. It wasn't even a hurricane or a tropical storm. It was just a big thunderstorm that wasn't moving away. So many people lost their homes. Like, I know it's fucking Trump, but he was the only candidate that came and visited Baton Rouge after it happened. And even then, he only came to pass out a tiny amount of paper towels and water bottles. The fuck? And seriously, the number of times I've heard things like "what kind of idiots build a city in a bowl shaped depression beneath sea level?" in reference to Katrina. And then a lot of just in general "Who cares? It's the south." What really really gets me is that no one, but people in the south, care at all about dumping in the Mississippi river. Like, dude, so many people in their 50s and older have told me stories about being able to go down to the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers, Lake Pontchartrain , and innocently play in the waters as children. These days the rivers are so polluted that not even I, someone with an "Ah, it's just my body" attitude, am willing to touch the waters. Lake Pontchartrain is facing salt water intrusion from the Gulf of Mexico and there are freaking bullsharks in there now and there were bullshark attacks there a couple years ago. And seriously, the "dead zone" from the algal bloom is only getting worse and worse even though it sometimes seems like such a fun thing for smaller news companies to report on... only sometimes. And really, they're going to miss Louisiana and the rest of the gulf coast when it's gone. And also, for real, this is not what Louisiana actually looks like anymore. It looks like this now, with this being even more accurate.
With how much it seems so many northern and western states seem to love to complain about climate change, it takes a lot of my patience to not be infuriated that its only us in the south that care. And I hate to sound like a complaining child, but I really think it's a lot to do with the rest of the country thinking the south is full of nothing but backwards thinking, dirt eating hicks.

I got to speak to the owner of my favorite restaurant in my home town. A Japanese place. The owner is, as she called herself, Cantonese. We got to talking about environmental and economic problems in Louisiana and, her words, how yankees look at the south. She could sympathize a lot. She told me about how people north of Canton in China think about the southern provinces in a lot the same way. She looked broken hearted when I told her about a time when I was in school and one of my friends tried speaking to our really pretty TA in Cantonese and how she looked mad, said "Mandarin" and shooed him away. Even she, the Cantonese owner, said "They look at us as dirt eating hicks" in reference to places north of Canton in China.

These are some pictures of even months after the 2016 flooding in Baton Rouge on the street I was living on at the time.
Most of the houses you see are derelict even today.
More rubble
Even more rubble
And that was after a lot was already cleaned up.

And these were only from Baton Rouge. There were tons of parishes that have worse infrastructure that were affected way worse.

Here's a video of someone driving through one of the poorer neighborhoods in town a few months after the floods in 2016.

Next time I'm in Baton Rouge, I'll have to take some pictures of the first neighborhood I lived in. It's still all screwed up. I might have to pay a visit to Ferriday too.

And here's a video of the aftermath of the 2016 floods in a more rural parish.Water rescue in East Baton Rouge Parish by off-duty Lafourche Sheriff deputies after historic floods
These guys are having to take a boat to rescue people from their houses.
Edit: Btw, kylljoy, you didn't say anything shitty. I'm just a little ... cynical, I guess, about the rest of the country.

No problem. Every state has outsider preconceptions about it, and I can completely understand where you're coming from. The U.S. is a barely unified country in general, from politics, to state biases, to the fact that we have politicians who are butthurt that some people want to give our territories the right to participate in Congress, to the fact that we are one of the only first-world countries that hasn't provided definitive answers to major problems (Gun control, Healthcare, Immigration, etc.) because of our petty disputes in politics and loyalty to partisan bullshit. It's kind of impressive that we're still operating.

So yeah, no problem. Interstate communication and unity is kind of a problem, especially given that we're on opposing coasts.
Hah, yeah you’re not wrong there. What’s your state like? What are its biggest problems?
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Hah, yeah you’re not wrong there. What’s your state like? What are its biggest problems?

The wildfires and drought come to mind (Though we're now out of the "critical" zone of the drought), and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so the homeless crisis is also a bit of a problem. And there's always the problem of house prices on the rise.

Otherwise, it's pretty much the same as the rest of the country. Not nearly as many hippies, potheads, or surfers as we get a rap for. Though there are still quite a people who use marijuana recreationally, but not heavily.

Political environment is pretty liberal, as to be expected from a heavily blue state, but there is always the odd conservative here or there.

Pride just passed by, so there was the parade in San Fran, of course, but I didn't attend. I'm not too keen of getting out of the house.

And I live right by Google HQ, so I can't go a day without seeing a self-driving car in the streets of my town. It's gotten pretty boring seeing them, honestly.

That's everything around here, anyway
I hate reddit for mobile

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