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That is very much true. The permutations of a deck of cards is 52! Which is a truly massive number.

To give you a sense of intuition here, 42 of those numbers are in the "tens" right? And they're multiplied together, which means the minimum order of magnitude for this number is one with forty two digits.

As far as I remember (astrophysics is awful, do Optics kids) the number of stars in the galaxy is at most in the trillions with 12 digits.
Well, to be fair, he said atoms not stars.

That is still really cool though. That really blew my mind.
Hilariously, that is also true. There are ~8x1067 permutations of a 52 card pack and only ~2.4x1067 atoms in our galaxy if rough estimates from astrophysicists are correct.

Edit: some math to dwell on, factorials are insane.
That's almost as many atoms as the number of feet in just one Longcat!
For the curious, the insane nature of permutations and statistics is why we have the concept of Entropy. S=kBlog(W) is literally just a device to make a number on that kind of scale small enough to be useful for calculations.

But don't get too curious.

Edit: for clarity I'll point out W is combinations not permutations, not quite as large but still insane.
This is my what seems like yearly check in at this point. Every doing ok? Any big life events I've missed?
Split with Luci, single-dadding, degree will be done in a few months then on to postgrad.
Well goddamn. Sorry bud.
Na we're still on good terms and I'm not doing bad. You?
Me: I have too many books and my reading schedule is completely full

Also me: wow this NetGalley book that comes out next week sure does look interesting... *clicks request*
XD me when I see a new book.
I don't read very many novels, but am writing a novel, and I'm not sure if that means I should be reading more or not at all.
I think that reading other people's works causes their style to influence ours, so I would say that reading too much might be influential
Agreed. I'm writing a novel as well and find that because of all the other books I've read that I have a hard time coming up with something new that isn't based on something I've already read.
I would argue reading more is the most important thing to writing. You can always recognize what your influences are and how you choose to let them affect you if you are cognizant enough. If you don't read enough, you may end up writing something cliche and boring because you weren't aware of the current trends and conventions. More importantly, you won't have as complex a vocabulary when it comes to writing. Studying how others write and defy conventions is the best way to pick up the tricks and tools needed to evolve/elevate your writing.
Yes, but the key is balance. It's ok to read some while writing a novel but if you read a lot while writing the novel it begins to affect your writing. At least that's what happens to me. I guess it could be argued that it's really just a case by case basis. It depends on how easily influenced you are by the world around you and such. Again just my opinion. You don't have to follow it if you don't want to.
For what it's worth: every published author I've known reads a shit ton.
People who read more tend to write better because it gives them a better sense of how it's done. Reading is such an enormous benefit to writing. I just feel like this influence thing can be mitigated just by stepping back every once in a while and thinking about what you wrote. Or you could get ask an editor/willing reader to tell you if they see any influences and revise accordingly.
True. I just haven't really had much experience writing so I'm fairly new to all of it. I tend to write poems more often than actual stories or books. I'm just trying to go outside my comfort zone by writing a novel.
Grayseff said:
Na we're still on good terms and I'm not doing bad. You?

Ah, pretty much the same as ever. Got a dog. Daughter is 11 now. Been seeing someone for a few months.
That feeling when you're so exited to use a data structure you've not used before that you write "F*** Yeah, Doubly-Linked List" in a comment.
XD relatable but not in that exact situation.
I have no life outside of programming....
I'm not dissing programming. It's a very key job in this world.
Kylljoy said:
"F*** Yeah, Doubly-Linked List"

Make it a trie.
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