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Tarkov chain. *nods*
What happened with the sourdough?!
Forget the sourdough, what happened to the font on the logo?
What happened while I was gone?
I live in Auckland New Zealand, some several hundred kilometres across the sea from Australia at the start of the fire season and This is what the sky looks like thanks to the wildfires. Climate change is real and terrifying
Better start a war with Iran
It's bizarre being so close but not to a massive disaster and seeing the international coverage of it. It looks like Silent Hill outside atm.

Lives, homes, farmland and animals, wildlife, tourism etc is being destroyed. It really does look like the world is slowly ending.
Why isn't anyone helping Australia, anyways? At least on a global scale, considering from a friend of mine there's been a couple times more trees burnt right now than the Teamtrees campaign. It just seems odd that there at least isn't more help.
Other countries are helping Australia. Off the top of my head I've seen reports about New Zealand, America and Canada sending fire-fighters. And the millions raised in donations came from all over.
It's also a matter of help is here and available but it's not a problem you can just throw money and people at. We've got army, navy, and international help all mobilised but there's only so much they can do.

Unpredictable winds and a variety of other factors mean that it's literally impossible to get to some places, which is why there were still about 300 people trapped in Mallacoota, as of last night. They showed footage from inside helicopters and its like they're covered by a glowing, impenetrable shroud. There have been cases of fresh firefighters being ready to relieve those on the front lines who, again, physically can't get there.
Juuls are pediatric cigarettes.
All the effects, without the stigma against traditional cigarettes.
It is so smoky in Melbourne today - just a taste of what the future holds?
People can drown on land
That's called choking
Or Pulmonary Edema.
Or sticking your head in a bucket of water.
Or pool party gone bad
arsenal is a weird game
what the heck did I do to rate the song

I probably should work on my homework
what the heck did I do to rate the song

You gave my song a good rating and then you told me it wasn’t your style and that however you did not understand the lyrics.
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