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i dont know where else to put this, so it goes here.

The aim is simple. Find profile names that haven't been taken. To do this, copy this url and enter any username after the final slash. if you find one that isn't taken, you put it here. if someone takes it, we cross it out.

I found afg
The following valid single-letter usernames are as of yet unclaimed:

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 8
  • 9
  • b
  • d
  • e
  • f
  • g
  • o
  • s
  • t
  • v
  • w

Of the 1216 possible 2-character usernames, there are 127 claimed, which I will not list here.
Git and horror also weren't taken. Mega-man was, surprisingly enough.
I don't quite understa?
What does an open profile mean, and how can an account be unclaimed or unactivated?
It is the names (not the profiles) that are open, meaning that there is no account registered under those names. The names are “unclaimed” because nobody has claimed them yet (via registering an account under that name).
Oh ok.
Thank you.
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