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Most business degrees do not require coding and mathematical modelling, physics does. Also, physics relates heavily to network theory via statistical mechanics so there's a huge area of market analysis and (as we learned during Covid) disease modelling, infrastructure design etc implicit in physics.
happy birthday to chotano.
🥳 🎂🎉!
Good to see you! InsiDoubt.
Grayseff said:
I can now officially say I have a degree in physics. I now know how little I know about the universe at large, wonderful

Ayyyyyyyy congrats!
That sounds like a hell of an accomplishment, so congrats.
Sleep deprivation fucking sucks, especially when you’ve been awake for about 36 hours and don’t even feel tired enough to go to bed.
Oh dude tell me about it, I ended up sleeping the entire afternoon away a few days ago from 12pm to 8, and so I decided I needed to start sleeping at night again. problem is, i tried tonight by sleeping at 9pm and i woke up at freaking, 1
Yeah and I fell asleep last night probably at 4am and woke up at 8 this morning. Better than not sleeping I guess. At least we both slept when it was still dark outside. A step in the right direction.
Someone needs to make it so that TV remotes have a number pad but also a plus and minus button so that if you’re on channel 41 watching the history channel then you can press -12 so you can get to the weather channel.
Isn't that one keystroke more than just "29", though?
It is, but it makes more sense to do it my way when I’m incredibly tired.
mental arithmetic, gahhh.

I forgot to thoroughly massage the kale for my salad.
Doesn't taste bad, but funky mouthfeel.
Of course I get the idea for a really good Crayon RPG only after I develop Carpal Tunnel.

This'll be good for planning it out at least.
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