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Nutritious as they may be, I have a weird aversion to KIND grain bars.
It's mostly the texture that gets me, although it's been a while since I had one.
Cliff bars are energy bars.
adsfjlk; said:
I hate that not as many people are interested in games I like as there usually are. Terraria, no one seems to care, BTD5 and 6 are still popular because they’re fun games. But when I asked if anyone wanted to play 5, I only got one response.

Now you have two for BTD5
Yay. I played a round with itsunfair yesterday.
adsfjlk; said:
Real question: who actually likes them? Some people tolerate them, but who actually likes them?
I've seriously considered going on a mostly Soylent and protein bar diet. But I don't like food much in general anyway...
Why the protein bars? Couldn't you just survive off the Soylent?
Sometimes you want to nom nom and not just glug glug.

There have been some days where it's been all I've eaten. I think I'd be fine with it in general. It would be more for convenience's sake than a strict diet requirement anyway, so I wouldn't be hard capped into it if I decided I wanted Mac 'n Cheese or something.
Fuck. I was holding my cat when my mother splashed water at her.

Now I have a gash going all the way down my chest.

Allow me to add to this discussion.

First the Dreams thread, and now the Q&A thread is on pg 3 too? :/
Can somebody go bump it so I don't have to kill a cat?
I hate changing B-fields inducing current into a wire. Can't wrap my head around it.

Also, sorta hate getting stuck on puzzles, but that's just a part of the process.
Del x B = mu J + 1/c^2 dE/dt

Works every time.
I really hate jerk hole customers, I used to sit on the phones all day listen to a lot of entitled first rated jerk holes, complain about how it's not their fault they broke this and we have to fix it..... and blah, blah. Working in customer service or call centers you literally have so much respect for people on the phone, it's like when I call my Dentist and they take like 5 minutes to find something I am like hey that's fine I got all they, they breath a sigh of happiness and say thank you. Like just be nice people, if you have been nice to me in the first place I would have actually helped you instead of saying oops let me get you to the Spanish department. LOL.
I have decided, given that I won't be eligible to vote until a couple months post-election and I'm fucking done with 2020 politics (and I'm honestly having a hard time even endorsing Biden), I'm just going to stop stressing about it and instead focus on senior year and college applications. I'll just keep posted about whatever stupid stuff the two most senior senile candidates say or do so I can laugh (or cry) once in a while, and continue developing my post-apocolypse plans for 2022. The bunker is halfway through the design phase.

I honestly think pulling out of this cycle's political theatre (it's really satire at this point, how TF do you get an election so bad you don't even need to make fun of it for it to be nihilistic comedy) is the sanest decision I can make at this point. Everything else feels like a collusion between the GOP and DNC to pull off the greatest April Fool's joke of all time.
I hate my local unemployment office, trying to collect it is impossible, what what makes it harder is I am a military spouse. I just would like to get some money, even if it takes a while it's fine. I just want unemployment to make up their darn minds about if I am going to be getting any money.
I am frustrated at my aversion of cleaning out junk in my room.
It's mostly clutter in need of reorganizing, which I get too overwhelmed to start the process, and terribly old schoolwork and loose paper (which I'll probably never bother reading through again) that the smallest shred of doubt and, somehow, a little bit of sentiment urges me to uselessly keep them around.

However, as I am slowly beginning to pick up on a very overdue spring cleaning, I think I am learning to face that barrier. Slowly.
People who keep looking at their phone at movie theaters. During movies of course. No problem if you're just filling up your soda and playing Pokémon GO! or whatever. But during the movie? Really? Ughhhh. It's so frustrating.
It's not that hard to understand time zones. There's an event for one of my video games and they listed the times in PT, and people in Eastern are like "what it's not here yet." It literally says PT right there. If you don't know it off the top of your head, just Google it. But people insist on asking others "wait why isn't it here yet"
I hate hurricanes.
Who doesn't tbh
Wow. Flashback to that time when someone said they loved... Floods? (or something like that) and a whole clusterfuck of events unfolded.
Oh dear, I'd hate to see what happened
I hate having a class of being yeeted textbook pages and having all the learning frontloaded onto you and your studying skills.
And then having to take a test that you have to get 4/5 correct for it to be considered done.
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
That's what my QFT course is like, you can't Google better explanations for QFT and postgrad is a nightmare.
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