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Q : Am I beyond making low-quality memes about past avatars of mine?

A : No, I am not.
Ha nice. Is that 3rd gen battle UI?
I believe so.
yes it is!
definitely didn't unwittingly steal spam19's avatar
Am unbaked turk
that doesn't sound very appetizing....
The seasons are ever-changing, and so is my avatar.

I have no idea how to draw a Thanksgiving banana, so... Christmas it is!
Similar concept , I think
Poodonkus you look like a broccoli : D
Oh yeah? Well you look like... a...

A blue ambiguous device, yes exactly.

I like broccoli.
Shadow has irises now
Shadow has irises now

fuck go back
I fear that this is an omen.
Maybe it's the forecast to the end of 2020
we're all a forecast. myabe. i don't know anymore.
i'm just....tired.
A quick, eyeballed Mandelbrot set.
damn i like it