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Ive taken to audio recording my dreams the moment I get up, for maximum detail retaination

Here is a recent one.
"It was like $200, but it was a pretty cool ball pit."

haha good stuff
I dreamt a lot of weird stuff tonight, but in one part of my dream I met a bunch of TwoCanners! Water Phoenix, Nips and Brendan. Possibly some more, but I'm having trouble remembering. We were all in Iceland, but it was Super Bowl and we were going to watch it. I had no idea about anything. At all. (I don't watch sports and what even is American football?) But I was pumped for the snacks.
Coldfrost said:
You usually can't read in dreams. It's one of the things you can use to check if you're dreaming or not. So the letter was probably just a bunch of grayish blobs.
I've totally read stuff in dreams before.
Oh yeah. I did that a night or two ago. But it is REALLY difficult to do. It's super-hard to actually focus on the letters that are there and discern their meaning. Huge difference between dreaming that you're reading something (there aren't really letters on a page in that scenario, I guess, the meaning comes to you from somewhere else) and reading something in your dream (holy carp its hard - is this what it's like to be dyslectic?).
What kind of snacks we eating for this Super Bowl party? I like guacamole.
I can make a mean guac. Invite me
You may have actually been there, Devery! But no sign of any of my European TwoCans pals.
As for snacks, we were probably having Icelandic chips and dip. Maybe even some Icelandic candy. Since we were in my uncle's house in Iceland. Maybe something you guys brought with you from the US for our epic night. But that's all just speculation since I actually don't remember any of the snacks I was so excited for. I was just excited for snacks in general.
I mean I'd rather experience new food over there if there's Icelandic stuff, between that and Dev's guac that's a good Superbowl party, better than any real one I've been to!
I just learned how to make aloo parathas so I'd bring those.
I just had a dream where nobody left their houses for fear of death by vicious patrolling lawn ornaments. A sister and brother could though so they were adventuring from house to house, dodging death, seeing the depraved inhabitants inside their labyrinth-like houses. Also there were no bathrooms for some reason.
I already told this story to e-bag but the other night I had a dream I was getting mugged but then I became The Chosen One so I got to choose whatever career I wanted so I chose zoologist and in the break room my coworker was trying to take my lunch while I Kissed a Girl by katy perry was playing in the background and then I woke up
I had a dream that I was at a festival. I knew covid was still at large and I noticed no one was wearing masks, so I was panicking a bit internally, but I didn't leave because I remembered that I was going to play soon. My friends and I saw David Thomas Broughton live and really enjoyed his set. We got backstage and he gave us an extra private show. I've never actually seen his face before and he didn't look like how he actually looks in real life, but I could tell it was him. He talked to us for a bit too. I heard my own music playing and went out to it to find out that I had missed my own set when I was supposed to play, so they just played like pre-recorded tracks of me. I talked to the event organizers, but they said that I missed my time and I couldn't still play. I got like extremely angry and had like basically a tantrum over not playing.
One time, in one of my dreams, there were credits at the beginning. I don't remember there being any actual names or anything, but it sure looked like credits in the old movies where they were at the beginning. In the background it looked like old footage of trains passing each other, and people waving. Really weird.

Anyways, movie starts, and a little boy and his father (along with a bunch of background characters) were standing in a station. They were waiting for a famous train, and the little boy had a model of said famous train in his hand. Then, he dropped it onto the railroad tracks. The boy started to climb onto the tracks to retrieve it. The father pleaded for his son not to, because he could see the train. The boy, instead, stayed there and laid down to get his train, for some reason. The train zooms over him, and a scream is heard. Once the train passes, it reveals that the boy is perfectly fine, just a little frightened.

Then, it gets weird. A bunch of other model trains sever his arms and legs from his torso. Then, a final train decapitates him. A giant spider then comes into view of the camera, with a rockstar on top. The rockstar says, "And that's why you stay back from the tracks, kids." He then starts playing a rock version of I've been working on the railroad while the spider starts spraying pink silk everywhere. The rest of the crowd runs away, while the father screams out loud, mourning for his son, before being enveloped in webs.

And I woke up crying.
Last night i had a nightmare where sertraline was a mod and she was actually larana
At 4:40 this morning, I awoke from an unpleasant dream. It was short though.

I was on an airplane, a window seat to the left of the aisle (in the direction of travel). It was quite a small plane (4, 5, maybe 6 seats on every row). I could communicate with my SO who was sitting in the middle seat to the right of the aisle, one row in front of my row. He was doing the announcements for the plane. Like "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking." Something was going wrong, so I suggested that he pull rank.

Then I realised, that my SO had no actual control over the plane. At that moment, the airplane started losing altitude and veering to the left. We hit the ocean. I don't know if my SO even heard my last words. (Cliché, but they were "I love you.")
Sometimes I sleep in weird positions, and last night I was all sprawled out, belly-side-down, with my arms wrapped up in my sheets and my feet hanging off the bed. I dreamed that there was an assailant in my bedroom. He was a man about my size, perhaps even larger, and he was on top of me, and he whispered in my ear, "Shhh, stay still," in a very deep voice. And it felt very real. And it was at that moment that I resigned myself to die. I was completely at peace with the decision, but terrified at the same time. I woke up moments later with white hot adrenaline coursing through my body, and as soon as I realized it was just a dream, I went right back to sleep.

Also, I completely froze in the moment, but I kept thinking later about how funny it would have been to shout "Alexa, intruder alert!" in that moment.
I cannot understand why I remember only bad dreams, but I don’t remember good ones at all, maybe I don’t dream of them, the other day I dreamed that I was riding in an elevator and it breaks off, since I am already panicky afraid to ride in an elevator plus sleep and now I've only been using stairs for a week.
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