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iz tawrrare hawngree?
tawawway aet a babie whyle thei wewe en teh hospitow.
nohw, tats nawt vearie niece
is a today an good day
i think a toay is a good day
Proper grammar is always nice but what the user is trying to convey is so much more important than proper grammar not everyone has received the same education as other people and therefore slack should be given as long as the sentence is coherent.
What Sunshine said.
Aye dephunaetley ahgreeh wif sunshihne azz weall
goot poind
Understanding trumps formal structure.
And concision begets elegance.
I think there's merit in native English speakers doing their best to speak accurately to avoid confusing people who are trying to understand language that doesn't follow the rules they're being taught. But that's just to say that people who can should put in some effort, not that not knowing the rules of grammar reflects poorly on people.
Agreed. Write and type however you want, but don’t be surprised if sometimes I can’t understand a thing you’re saying especially if you’re aware that you type terribly.
I try for the grammar but I fail.
I keep making run on sentences and having to go back and fix them. I really hate it. I know I do it, and I can't stop.
to bad

luck next time
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