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Making cat noises at my cat. It’s fun.
My family cat will carry on a lengthy conversation if you continue to meow at him. It's fun.
I did that with an owl once
I love the quiet of night time. When everyone else is asleep and all I hear is the air rushing up through the vents in the floor and the squeak of the ceiling fan.
i love when nobody but my brother and i are in the living room, when a thunderstorm is happening, and we have almost all the freedom we want.
I love it when the rain starts to let up. You start to hear the drops slow down, become less, until the rain finally ends.

I also love it when it happens at night when I'm at home all cozy in my bed.
I love it when I put on socks and they're dry.
I love how the people in the Your Train of Thoughts thread are matching
I'm a fan as well.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Or at least 7.
Look at you, being far too clever.

Both 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and 'are you causing all this pride flag' are 7 words.

You must be so proud, aren't you.
Nope. I didn't even notice "a picture is worth a thousand words" was 7 words.
I love it when puns like that happen naturally.
Speaking of the number 7, that is the theme of a game jam I'm participating in that started today
The theme is just... 7?
It's a monthly jam and occasionally there are meme themes - apparently two of the themes last year were "egg" and "bread"
Makes sense, I guess. Good luck?
Thanks; I think I'm going to make a math game thing
I love that my thirteen year old is sitting beside me playing anime theme songs on his keyboard.
That’s really cool. If I knew how to play a keyboard, I’d be annoying the shit out of everyone with naruto fight music.
When I wrote that he was playing one of Naruto's theme songs. He just picked it up four days ago and has been using YouTube to teach himself. I'm really impressed
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