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yes I know it’s backwards, no I’m not going to fix it
Add a black border

You know where to go.


You pick up a worm

and put in into your mouth

and in there, it squirms around and about

wraps around your tongue and goes down your throat

and squishes around inside the throat that you can feel it as it oozes its way down...
What if they grow in your body and have plenty of offspring and have a colony of wormsies in you squirming around.
Gettin a bit far.
W_Licky said:
Maybe tell him what those "image things" are.

Every time I tried that it showed up blank because it was actually trying to insert an image. Your idea of using spaces worked out well tho
new pfp disgusting or no?
No, it's not bad. Maybe if the "Gotta Go Fast" was a bit more clearer?
how did you legible the words? what is that wizardry?

can you read the words on my kadaevr profile picture as well? i've been trying to decipher it for so long now.
Uh... there are no words. It's just a computer.

I like your duck, Titanlord.
A hump on the back of his head.
chin chen hanji ma ha shi duo shin chen ji ban zhi
WOOHOO, CHEEEEeeEeeeEeEese!!!!!
that's a nice piece of art you sent me!