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dude this guy in this sat prep video i'm watching sounds (and somewhat looks) exactly like jacksfilms

is jack moonlighting as an sat prep person
I think I need to learn to appreciate the present more.

I find myself (especially during the school year) with this “things will improve over time” mindset. I just kinda go about my day without really thinking about it, because why does all of this matter when my life will be so much better just next year? It makes days blend together, then weeks, and months, until a whole school year feels like a blur and I don’t have many distinct memories of it. This mindset seems a bit unhealthy to me. Instead of enjoying what I have with the time I have, I waste it with the idea of how much more I’ll have in the future.
that's quite the train

i can see what you mean, though
Yea, sorry. I’m not too good at articulating thoughts. Glad you got the gist though.
one time at summer camp i got in trouble we were playing telephone game and i was the last person and the guy told me the message "mm mm sex" and i said it and i got in trouble because i didn't even know what that meant

like how can you get me in trouble first of all i wasn't even the person who came up with that it's the fucking telephone game are you dumb? did you forget how that game worked? and i didn't even know what that meant
The Marquis de Sade was a pretty cool guy.
okay okay mofo's hear me out

powderize rice

bake bread with rice flour

rice bread

break the laws of physics as we know them today
you dont even have to powderize it it works rlly well for bread and noodles if you cook it then just mash it into reg flour

rice bread

I’ve made this! People like rice flour bread because it’s gluten free.
i try counting ballons in my head to fall asleep i got to about 700 last night before i got bored, said "fuck it" and did sat practice in my bed until i was tired enough to sleep.
why do we use base 10
Because we have 10 fingers.
why do we have 10 fingers

if we counted in base 2 we could go all the way up to 1023 with 10 fingers
The most natural way to learn counting is to begin with these 10 extensions at the end of our hands.

There was actually some culture that used a base higher than 10, but they kinda cheated. Will try to find it.
was it hexadecimal
is it good for me to take responsibility for my actions?
Yeah, that's a good thing to do.
I shouldn't murder people, right? Like that's a thing that's wrong?
okay. i will, then.
I shouldn't murder people, right? Like that's a thing that's wrong?

I think you thought about that a bit too late, being in the Mafia and all.
Lmao. But don’t talk about mafia here because a certain fuming Antagonist will come charging with his sword of modkilling.
antagonist isnt a mod lmao
That is true. They can still modkill people in Mafia doh.
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