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before or after i edited it?
b4 lol
yeah i have a hard time with that please be patient with me
nah man u good
i think the takeaway here is no matter how many people hate you, you can always find something about yourself to love
I don't hate code merges but I do hate how everyone on my team is too lazy to help do it and too chicken to say "no" when I ask.
Nerds are super in over this way. All my daughter's classmates are into nerdy shit.
Samsung23 said:
You'd be surprised how many people hate me for just my religion, let alone the fact that I'm a nerd and the opposite of athletic
Try telling someone who does that to you to go fuck themselves one day.
Me to nice tho :.)
What do you say when they say things like that?
A fav retort of mine is "Let me go grab you a spoon so you can eat my ass". It's from a movie.
What do you say when they say things like that?

Bro I'm not hurting anybody why you gotta hurt me
Similar to that

or the one I save for a-holes
I've been called worse by better. What are your words gonna do to me.
Alright cool, just making sure you’re actually sticking up for yourself somehow.
Yea I try but only enough that they know I really don't like em
There's also the simple gesture of the middle finger. That one works too.
Too nice yet again
You know what? If they're mean to you, you go ahead and be mean right back. That doesn't make you any worse of a person.
That puts more meanness in the world. Not a solution.
An eye for an eye makes the world blind
That’s why you do an eye for two eyes. They can’t take your other one if you get both from the start.
See, Nathan gets it.
You guys just don't see it from my perspective ig.
Samsung23 said:
You guys just don't see it from my perspective ig.
Nah, I like your perspective. Telling them something mean doesn't even accomplish anything, I was just hoping you weren't being told mean things and having your sense of dignity torn down.
i utterly despise mosquitos

doesn't help that not only am i sensitive to mosquito bites, but that i'm also a mosquito magnet for some reason

and i mean really sensitive

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
even average mosquito bites swell to an inch wide
i'm also a mosquito magnet for some reason

Blood type and hygiene are the two key factors in mosquito attraction.
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