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Uno, tomas cuatro.
Ah yes.

One four tomatoes.
Si. Muy bueno.
Me: Alright, can somebody tell me what word is next in this poem? This little piggy went to...

Zoey: Target!!

My multivariable professor just casually mentioned that his multivariable professor got picked up for child pornography when he was in college. And that his Chemistry TA got arrested for first-degree murder.

He said this in the middle of a lecture, unrelated to what we were talking about.
Professors are some deeply eccentric folk.
I may be alone, but I'm not lonely.
person on football team "I like wedgies I could have a wedgie all day"
How'd a muppet like you get passed selection?
"I can only imagine how terrifying that is, not only to be hit by a tsunami, but one filled with old-growth trees and angry grizzly bears" - My Calc III professor.
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