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Quick color question: How would I take a color and add like gray to make it look more washed out? What colors from RGB should I increase/decrease?
whenever the sliders on each row lines up it makes grey, so when you want to desaturate a color move the sliders until theyre closer together

does that make sense?
yes, it makes sense, poiki
also, don't worry about us thinking that you're saying things to attract attention, i certainly don't
that's funny
Halloween Costume #7 : "Noir"
Time for some Bluedonkus
I've been looking at recoloring my avatar. It's so simple that just about any recolor looks alright.
That’s why it’s so great.

Edit: poiki… this is slightly unnerving

Time for some Bluedonkus

That's a good shade of blue
PoikiChoi said:

The hole just goes on forever...

Probably one of the more threatening PFP's I've seen.
aprzn123 said:
That's a good shade of blue

We're on that Windows 98 game setup wizard grindset


idk how i feel about this one
h a i r
no but this is a reference to squall is dead right
w i g
Poiki, if I send you smol dawn could you turn her face into a hole?
shes too small, my drill will just knock her head off
Use a smaller drill.
thats the problem

i only have one
Buy one. Are you broke?
you're getting really close to 6000 :p
Why yes I am.