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sauerkraut and kimchi are both good for you. fermented foods are probiotic. ive been eating kimchi every day for the past week actually

its saltier and sourer than you might expect btw

i like eating pickled garlic (pickled in black vinegar)

my mother says it's good for me but if i eat too much in a week/day my eyes'll get a bit blurry, and i do not need blurrier eyes because i'm near sighted.
Man, that's gotta be... super flavorful. I mean, garlic is strong as it is, but pickling it? Woo. I think I see why your vision gets blurry.


(my brother despises it)
i haven't actually heard of black vinegar before
sometimes i dip pot stickers in it

deep fried dumplings don't go well with black vinegar
i know what you're talking about now

i have not heard of people pickling garlic in it but i mean you do you man i guess


Pickled garlic does pair well with some rice. I recall that mom pickled it in soysauce and vinegar!
The stems are pretty tasty too when chili paste is added.
garlic stems?

nante kotta?
Also called garlic scrapes, I think?
Since garlic bulbs grow from the ground, it also has some stems that sprout on top.
It's edible!
i don't eat pickled garlic with rice, but it sounds like a good idea.
im eating these honey roasted peanuts with sugar on them but sometimes theres one without any seasoning and if i dont pay attention i get a big mouthful of nutty bitterness and it sucks
the same thing happens to me sometimes

ever have that one moment when you just want to eat wasabi peas outta nowhere?
I like garlic dill pickles. The store didn't have any so I thought I'd make my own. I threw like 12 cloves of garlic in the bottom of my pickle jar. I tried a pickle a few days later and was like... 0_0....>_<...0_0...why's it spicy?
You have a brand you prefer? I'm very partial to Claussen.
I really like pierogis

And beer.
I'm very partial to off brand. Lol
It's very important to me that I save that 13 cent.
generic foods are often half the price and with no noticeable decrease in quality
I agree. In fact most off brands are the same company, different packaging.
I pretty much always go for off brand stuff too.
seaweed is underrated
especially the salty ones sold in little packs, that seaweed i like

tao kae noi has too much taste and seasoning, but i still like it