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Twelve straight hours of travel.

Don't go to a school that is on the opposite side of the country, kids. Learn from my mistakes.
There go my plans for University of Alaska Fairbanks I guess.
Kylljoy said:
Don't go to a school that is on the opposite side of the country, kids. Learn from my mistakes.

idk, thinking about doing exactly that
I hate how some people require you to flat out say “No” and that often those are people who get their feelings hurt.
“You wanna hang out tonight?”
“I’m so hungover from last night and I’ve got snot pouring out of my nose so I might be sick.”
“That sucks. You wanna hang out tonight?”

"Man I'm so stressed out, I have a million things due this week."
"You should de-stress. Let's hang out."

^ my sister does that except instead of hanging out with me she adds a really inconvenient task.

Real life story.
I asked my (dad he lives with my sister) to watch my twins.
As I dropped the.. kids off I was like. I am so stressed. You guys live like and hour away round trip
I have to go to the doctor in lenoir (37 minutes from her house.)
Go to the doctor in Hickory (55 minutes from lenoir)
Go grocery shopping for our family trip tomorrow.
Prepare the keto friendly food for trip(because half my family is on a diet)
Clean out my car.
And stop at this thrift store and pick up a few outfits for the boys.

And she goes. Hey since you don't work will you pick up my kids from school. Two separate valdese. 35 minutes from my house. So I was basically in my car all day. I literally got nothing done while my dad was baby sitting the twins.
I did that thing where you hit the wrong button.
Yeah. Folks do that to my mom too.
my mom's an asshole
✨ boundaries are important ✨
Lord yes.
my mom's an asshole

Why do you say that
idk man she pisses me off sometimes
Isn't she abusive?
a little.
if she whoops yer ass, then she clearly is
I hate that I have to pretend to be a nice straight Christian boy who has all the same political views as them around my extended family that they don’t outright hate me.
damn caveat your family sucks
Only on my dad’s side.

They’re fine as long as you keep away from anything vaguely religious/sexual/political/touchy.
I'm lucky enough that I can just say "no, I'm not going with my parents to this family gathering". Almost every single time I've dodged a bullet. Well... specifically dodging an hours-long heated drunk argument.
Yeah. I've long ago decided which family members I'm going to put up w. I've been pretty much an adult since I was 15. Mom and Dad gave up trying to tell me what to do. Not that I was difficult, just always old inside. That said, my mom could still guilt me into going places, but she couldn't force me. I'll cuss out my grandma or any other relative at the drop of a hat. Not my mom though.
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