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i thought your keyboard was fixed
Nope, it is. I just forgot that it was fixed.
Haha, nice.
Added America. Is this better than before, or should I change it back?
Why Germany and America?
I'm a German-American.
Ah ok. Swap the flags. It would be nice to see the stars in the USA flag.
Okie doke, I'll try.
Done and did. How is it?
Thank you. I tried my best and got a good outcome. I think I will keep this picture for a while.
Coldfrost said:
EDIT: Whoops I did Kenya myself.

Kenya believe it?
Oh, that's bad.
PoikiChoi said:

I got bored and had no inspiration and didn't feel like making a decent avatar so now I've made this weird fantasy world.

Would anybody like to make their mark on my avatar?
I would like the south east of your avatar
I'll just occupy an island and be content.
South because that seems to be where my life is going at the moment.
it looks kind of like aphelion...
(minor) avatar update

continuing to make the fire a little bigger

Expand on the hold I have on the south east please licky
If it's alright, I'd like some territory to the north marked in purple, please.
So, since I've figured out how to upload images, here is the very first profile picture I ever had.

Fancy lad.