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Y'know, you'd be surprised about that, especially if you only recently swapped pronouns.
i misgender myself all the time. its tragic
I occasionally misgender myself when I think of myself as Antagonist. It's a strange feeling.
That's so anty of you to be a different gender than anty.
i promise, i am not alexonline.
That is exactly what AlexOnline would say.
No, because I would say that I am AlexOnline
Because I am, and they're not
Nuh uh, totally the same person, without a doubt, undoubtedly, completely true, totally.
I give up.
Believe what you want, Acky.
Yay, I win!
you dont win.
I just gave up.
I hath spoken!
I made a frog
I love him.
I love it too.
Thanks, Acky.
I love frogs.
Toads, too? Or just frogs?
toads are gross.
They mostly aren't slimy, if that is your concern, but I can see your point of view.
Nope. its not the slime. frogs are slimy. the problem is the toads that we have here.
your toads might not be bad, but we have cane toads. ew.
hi MyNameIsNot (talking to MyNameIsNot not Alex)
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