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My parent's got me a ring for graduation. It was the kind of ring I always wanted, and I had even picked it out a few months before they gave it to me not knowing they would buy it. It was white gold with a sapphire center stone and two smaller diamonds on the side, and while it wasn't super expensive as far as real rings like that go it was still a couple hundred dollars and I was surprised they got it for me because we were already using so much money for college and graduation. Fast forward to last week, I went out with my boyfriend wearing it and I realized I wasn't wearing it anymore. I was surprised because I was taking such good care to keep track of it especially when going out and about, but I assumed it was at my boyfriend's house since we went there after eating. He was going on vacation the following week though, so I just trusted he would give it to me when he got back. Well, he just got back and it's not at his house. He's looked high and low for it, and I even called the places we went to that day to see if they had it. I checked through my purse I had that day and all over my car even though he was the one who drove. It's nowhere to be found. I stayed up late Saturday night thinking about if I should tell my parents or try to buy the ring from the store again and pretend it never was lost. I cried and cried while my mom was out and about yesterday on Sunday, and this morning I was feeling queasy about it. Me and my boyfriend got coffee this morning and my mom asked if he was giving me my ring. I lied and said yes, and when I got home one of the first things she asked was if he gave it to me. I said yes, but I couldn't bear to lie. I said he actually hadn't and I had lost the ring. She went silent. She was more frustrated about me lying to her, but she was also frustrated that I had lost the ring when it was so expensive. She even went up to my messy room and tried looking around for it, but she eventually gave up and said if I was really concerned I would've cleaned my room trying to look for it, even though I knew it wasn't there. I'm cleaning it now to look for it, but it's not here. I know that for a fact. She berated me for lying saying I knew that was wrong, but also for being careless with something with so much monetary value and also sentimental value. Then she took me down to her room and opened her dresser drawer where she keeps her jewelry. She pulled out these diamond hoops that I had said I liked a few months ago when we saw the ring. When I tried them on she said I wouldn’t get them because they were so expensive (almost three times as much as the ring), and I didn’t think I would get them anyway. But after that, apparently she did set them aside and made monthly payments to the store until they got paid off, which means she had to make a special trip to drive to the city every month to do so. It was supposed be a surprise for my 19th birthday next week, but after she showed me them she said she thinks she’s going to keep them. She told me I can’t be trusted with something so expensive if I lost the ring and was so careless with it. She said that all her jewelry she has will go to me eventually anyway, so I would either get them someday when I’m much older or when she died. In the meantime, she would wear them. It was supposed to be a nice surprise, but not anymore. Now I lost the ring I worked so hard to keep up with and that I loved so much, plus my mom's surprise that was supposed to be happy is now something I’m not allowed to have. And I have to see her wearing them around. Although I'm sure I could've done better with the ring, it's my first ring I've ever owned and I've never had to keep up with a ring. I think I may have set it down to wash my hands, and maybe I just got distracted? I don't know, I have zero problems keeping up with my other nice jewelry, I'm just not used to having rings even though I really love them. I just fiddle with them so much, whereas earring and necklaces are something you can't really take on and off as a habit. My mom apparently even lost her engagement ring playing golf when my parents first got married, and my dad rebought her the same ring for their first anniversary. I digress, the ring is still missing and the odds of me finding it in my room are close to nothing, and now I'm even more sad because of the earrings. It's just been not a great week at all. So that's my train of thoughts right now.

Edit: sorry if this is hard to read I kinda just typed my actually train of thoughts instead of trying to be grammatically correct and have good sentence flow.
That's a bit fucked up.
^Yeah, it really is a little…. Watch it turn up in your room or your boyfriend’s house a few months from now or something.
I want something.
and that something is?

wait that sounds kinda rude it wasnt meant to be rude I promise

My mom called me later that day while I was on my way to work and she said she was sorry and that she was giving me grace for losing the ring, and that I could have the earrings because she realized that was wrong to hold an honest mistake against me with my supposed-to-be birthday present. And we were able to get a lookalike ring at the jewelry store today because I guess she forgot she bought some insurance for the original. It's a little different and I had to pay for the replacement myself, but everything is well now. MY dad still doesn't know I lost it, but I'm only telling him if he notices the ring is different. Which he probably won't. The only thing I can think of him noticing is the money from my bank account but if he never notices I'll tell him a few years from now...
I think I'm going to try to be more active on the forum again
Snitch reportin me someone
Am I active enough this summer? I was on all the time last summer but not this time.
It's the wanting that matters.
Slay whatcha wanna slay
And let the slay slout
I wanna see you slay slay
Ah yes, my favorite word: slout
Snitch reportin me someone

It’s Father’s Day and Juneteenth
Black fathers get a lot of undue shit, so maybe it's a fitting holiday mashup.
it's so quiet these days, aghgh I wish school was over alreadyyyyy

I dropped my phone on the metal legs of my chair and the side of the screen is cracked pretty badly
We have contractors in the house, so I am holed up in my office pretending to work (I got off work an hour ago) because I don't know how to not be in the way.
Just go sit in the living room and watch tv
Open floor plan. They'll see me and that Just Won't Do.

But they're gone now.
It's the wanting that matters.

Ant! Longest time no see.
Hey darling. How are you?
So tired rn. Fun to see a lot of peeps are still active from before. Ngl probably not going to stick around but I told myself I would check again in a couple years and I did do that.
wow you have good memory then. nice to see you here
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