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"Jack: Not another hole!"
"Jill: Holes are scary! Why do we always have to go down holes?!"
"There's gonna be some low-hanging rocks on this tour, so if you hear the person in front of you yell 'ow', then just duck down a little lower than them."
  • Our tour guide.
"My chainsaw will rip through your flesh, and the flesh of your family and friends. I don't spare babies either. I'm coming to murder everyone you love."
  • Nintendo game.
"we're just on a floating rock"

"with trees and water"
  • kids in my class
"Hi, you're on a rock, floating in space. Pretty cool, huh?"

  • Bill Wurtz
i love bill wurtz
And there he was, Remy, spinning horizontally. What a miracle of nature.
"i love bill wurtz"
  • bug
this kid: do you want a boyfriend
me: *shakes my head*
kid: WHAT! you're crazy
"Poopy balls! Poopy balls!"

  • The Click.
From a YT comment of Confronting Myself from the Celeste OST:
When listening to epic music: "I have superpowers!"
When listening to sad music: "Help, i have depression..."
When listening to Celeste music: "Help, my depression has superpowers!"
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