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im in a really bad mood because of something thats happening at school, and i thought this might help me and other people!
so basically anybody whos in a bad mood can talk about why their in that mood and what happened, and the people that are in a good mood can try and cheer them up :)
The basics (in case you don't get that)
  • Bad mood people > vent space
  • Good mood people > cheer them up!
Thanks guys, i hope this helps somebody.
In all honesty, I'm not super in touch with my emotions. I have reasons to be in a good mood and reasons to be in a bad mood.

Good: Package of mine arrived today (a VR headset)
Bad: feel sick and have overslept for weeks on end now
I'm in a good mood but I have no idea how to cheer people up
hey, radio. just say something nice, is the easiest way.
and chotano, i hope you get better soon :)
Thanks Alex. I don't know if "better" is the best way to describe how I should be feeling, as I have no clue if it's something good or bad. I guess "different" or "more lively," even, would work better. But it's alright. I appreciate your kind words.

And I know tomorrow will be a better day. Get up early, eat breakfast, and do a little exercise, and you'll probably be feeling at least somewhat better. If nothing else it should at least distract you for a little bit.
If you are in a bad mood, I recommend reading about the 1904 Olympic men's marathon.
There is a pretty good video about that marathon by Jon Bois called “Rat Poison and Brandy”- link here

Edit: on rewatch I wouldn’t really recommend it as a cheer-up video however. Here is a better one from Jon about baseball. I think even non-sports people could enjoy it.
Dibs on your soul 2ndUsernamE

Also that was a good watch, thanks.
can you claim alt accounts?
also maybe you should do that in the soul claiming thread?
You can't claim alts. And I agree.
1. Are they an alt? My bad, I was unaware.

2. This is how souls were claimed before the soul claiming thread was a thing. I prefer to do it the "old-fashioned" way, but I can make another post in that thread to remove confusion.
Thanks for this thread and for the link to the short film - I needed this today :) Hope you're all well today!
Happy thing:

Found my amended birth certificate with my new name after my parents hid it

why would your parents hide it?
Transphobia, I'd guess.

Congrats on the new name and congrats recovering your legal documents!
Also, depending on how bad the situation is, first step to independence is recovering those documents!
Coldfrost said:
Transphobia, I'd guess.

You would be correct.
Kylljoy said:
Also, depending on how bad the situation is, first step to independence is recovering those documents!

That is right. My situation isn't great, but unfortunately to have a roof over my head I have to be in it. I am trying to become independent as soon as possible though, which may or may not involve moving to another country.
Aren't you an adult though? Shouldn't keeping your legal documents from you illegal?
They know I don't have the means (monetary or otherwise) to bring them to court about it.
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