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I tried to love it but it's so yucky to me.
Everyone's got different tastebuds. Most people love strawberries. Someone offered me one today. I turned it down because it tastes bad to me. I have strawberries mixed or flavored in stuff, but just the berry? Yuck! Can't eat.
I like coconut flesh but not coconut water.
That's sus.
"Take of my flesh to eat and my blood to drink" - Jesus Coconut
i love my little baby (cat) my little meow meow my little pumpkin my little goo goo dude i love him so much. he loves to jump around and also loves to kill (ouch!)
Hail coffee
the smell of coffee makes me sneeze
i love how my public library always plays the right music.
They play music in your library?
I love MEDIC from TEAM FORTRESS 2 because he is very FUNNY and PSYCHOPATHIC like JERMA.
Oolong tea.
I love Devadander. He is the best bass in the world. My prized possession. He has such a great sound to him, and I think there is no instrument that could compare to his glory. He's gorgeous, too. I wouldn't give him up for nothin'. I've got him right next to me sometimes rather than his stand, because having him nearby makes me feel comfortable. In a way, Devadander somewhat reminds me of Muck. Sweet, beautiful, a voice that could strike an arrow through your heart, and great to just generally be around and screw around with. Also I love Muck.
Having a 4 day weekend because it gives me two extra days to study. And maybe get time to play siege.
The forum icon. It’s perfect.
is it supposed to link back to the forum? for me everything on the screen goes away. is that supposed to happen?
Grilled cheese

not in a self care way but in a completely narcissistic one
Grilled cheese

are you in the copying room? because thats fax
caveat said:

not in a self care way but in a completely narcissistic one

That's how you do it.
I love the 6502 microprocessor and I love the Commander X16 (the reason I learned 6502 assembly in the first place). I'm sure the novelty will wear off after a while, but I still adore JavaScript after two years of using it, so what gives.
Until you have to program anything larger than 30 instructions, ASM is pretty fun and challenging. Once you pass the 30 instruction barrier, it becomes tedious at best and confusing at worst. We're learning about compilation-acceleration methods for ASM that abuse the ever-loving-shit out of hardware mechanisms and quirks in my architecture class right now. It's fun stuff.

Until you have to program a 12-nybble program by hand. By which I literally mean a stead hand and a pair of wires to manually set 1's and 0's.
I do see assembly as something I would probably only do to give myself a challenge, otherwise I'd use another language. If I want to make something barebones like a snake game, creating it purely in assembly would be a nice way to test my mettle and introduce me to new concepts in both software in hardware. If I'm going to be making something for a small computer like the one in Ben Eater's videos, or for a system with no other good option like the Commodore 64, NES, or Apple II, I'll be making it in 6502 assembly. But there is no way in hell I am doing what the developer of Rollercoaster Tycoon did when there are obviously much better options out there.

Bottom line (for me, at least) is: it's just fun, until it isn't.
I love Chad.
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