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yeah, i knew it from google docs experimentation, i just didn't want to get too termy with terms
why wouldnt it just use left alignment
justify is better imo
le gasp

justify is horrible. do u use it regularly? blasphemy! u must use comic sans then too. oh the horror
I use justified regularly.
I've been trying to blow this balloon up for so long and I can't do it. I've had no problem doing it before, but I'm getting lightheaded while trying
W_Licky said:
sorry i must sacrifice a cat for this double post...

Join Blake's old site. It likely isn't banned for u yet. You can get muck on too.

it's been dead for years, but I and some others have been bringing it back.

edit: wtf happened to the second line of this post?

sorry. my fault.
Yeah. I stopped blocking folks. Stopped being funny.
you know when you americans randomly use british accents for fun? we do that too with american accents. I try to go for a more realistic accent rather than overexaggerating all the "r"s
sounds funny
biltong is better than beef jerky, but both are yummy
Among us cards just dropped after 2 years

How does valve decide when a game should get trading cards?
Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
today is thanksgiving? i thought today was black friday? is black friday the day after thanksgiving? im so confused, we dont have turkey day here...
Thanksgiving is Thursday, Black Friday is the day after. Licky posted that message on Thursday in his time zone.
Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November every year.

It’s still Thursday in my Time zone
Thanksgiving has always been on the second Monday of October in Canada. Celebrating it on a Thursday is weird.
Being Canadian is weird.
Existance is weird
How philosophical.
dantdm has a new kid!
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