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That moment you watch Shrek during class when you have free time.(Schoolwork is important kids)

me having crazy free periods so I could just watch whatever (one from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM because the actual free period is the period right before lunch)
lol. i watched 24 episodes of highschool DxD in 2 hours
its a good anime
Hey, welcome back!

I am...unfortunately not so good. Think I'm going to need therapy, actually. I've also been nauseous for the past half week so that's been "fun".

Aw I'm sorry :( I hope it gets better, I'm glad you're able to get the help you need!!
But yes, I've kind of missed this website. I used to be super active when my life wasn't that great, and now that it's gotten better I've had less and less time to keep up. It's good to see everyone still hangs around :)
Hello, former Vice President.

Holy wow it took me so long to find antimony pentafluoride's discord name
what happened to you licky?
you are a rabbit now!
Uhh... ive had that since like friday. I celebrated Lunar New Year Saturday, the day before the actual Lunar New Year (Sunday). And I'm keeping it for a while. at least until feb 5 the lantern festival

It's a rabbit bc the new year is the Chinese zodiac of the rabbit. its the year of the wabbit
It's WABBIT season, Phoenix.
Yes. We eat duck on the year of the wabbit.
My ideal man wears button up tropical shirts and looks good in flip-flops. Bonus points for jorts.
jorts 🤤
i know exactly what you mean
stripes said:
jorts 🤤

flannel shorts
I've never seen a man in flannel shorts but I'm all for it.

Vorp. I made a post and then I blanked its contents a few minutes later. I got the word from Acky, or something. I'unno. I didn't like what I wrote so I removed it.
caveat said:
I don't like this.
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