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Thanks to the traffic light conversation, I dreamed about traffic lights that automatically changed as soon as I walked up.
That's the kind of heaven I want to live in.
Learned yesterday about Plato's Allegory of the Cave. The class discussion was very interesting, and it is hard to tell which is more disturbing: the original intention of the allegory or modernizing it to fit current day politics. At least in the original intention, the suppressors were a visible force. A mountain to be climbed. Today...
'some female squid wear fake testicles to avoid the advancements of male squid' lol
i have no idea, i just saw a random tweet that said it. I'd like to believe it's true.
I think I heard that once before too. If i had to imagine, they probably distend some of their organs or bloat themselves with gas or water so that it appears like they have testes.

Or not I could be wrong, I dunno what squid junk looks like.
Google says it's a pattern on their body they use to appear male.
Related sidenote: Cuddlefish will change their appearance to appear female to trick other males into thinking they are female.
What? That's super cool. Both of those. I need to watch all my David Attenborough ocean documentaries again.
I know that female Hyena's fake penises are so good that biologists frequently have trouble telling females and males apart.
Hahahahaha I just learned the reason witches are often depicted flying on broomsticks. Apparently, there are certain hallucinogenic salves that some women applied to their genitals using the handles of brooms. They couldn't ingest the stuff because it would make them ill, but rubbing it in their armpits or genitals did the trick without making them sick. The whole flying around thing came from their own hallucinations, which they firmly believed were reality.
Yes! They would use nightshade and mandrake. Their active drugs are called anticholinergics. You've taken benadryl before, right? You remember it making you kinda drowsy and loopy? Benadryl is also an anticholinergic on top of an antihistamine. If anyone else has heard of something called datura, well it has the same drugs in it that nightshade and mandrake have. They can make you hallucinate like crazy and I mean actual hallucinations where you see stuff and think it's actually there, not like with shrooms where things look distorted but you know it's not real. It's also kinda interesting that they applied it to their vaginas because anticholinergic drugs can stimulate erections and have been used as aphrodisiacs in India and throughout that part of the world. I'm not surprised it felt like flying either.

They'd make the salve out of powdered mandrake and or nightshade and mix it with animal fats.
TIL Goebbels vorped his dissertation title to make it sound like he was political in college.
i have no idea, i just saw a random tweet that said it. I'd like to believe it's true.

I honestly expected you to be some sort of authority on squid matters.
Lol there's a doctor who movie where his name is actually doctor who.
The Paul McGann one?
Peter Cushing apparently. Also he's human and just an inventor or some shit.
Yesterday, I learned about the origins of Nascar. In the probationary time period of the US, Alchohol bootleggers would need a fast car to be able to outrun the cops. On the weekends, they would have races to see whose car was the fastest. This eventually evolved into Nascar (at least that's ehat me teacher told me. I haven't double checked this yet).
That's a bit further into the origins. It first started out as a few situations of someone bragging about how fast their car was and someone else telling them to put their money where their mouth was. They figured out that holy shit, it was fun, and started holding organized races.

Source: I live in Mississippi, and this is taught in Sunday School the week after we learn about the birth of Christ.
Hell I learned about that from taladega Knights
TIL that there are substantial spikes in ethenol levels in the air on ISS upon arrival and departure of visitors on the Russian side.
Well that's freaking hilarious.
Isn't it? I was at a NASA seminar today and the speaker was talking about all the shit they have to account for when trying to recycle air, and that was one thing she mentioned.
So that's presumably residual booze from the visiting crews' bodies, diffused into the air in their spacecraft and subsequently mixed into the air of the ISS? Or are the levels high enough that they definitely brought drinks along?
They definitely brought booze along, or there wouldn't be another spike right before they left.
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