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One day I'm gunna get cable not because I want it but because it's retro.
I, too, enjoy self-mutilation.
I have come to say that I am down in the dumps. You may now continue.
After three long and exhausting years, I finally don't have overpriced 3rd world Internet. I could write a 12 page MLA format essay on how ABSOLUTE shit my previous provider was.

Fuck your monopolistic ass. You rule over me no longer.
What happened, twocans? Is the site finally dead? Five days with no response in the train of thoughts, that's unheard of. I mean, it used to be.
Maybe the train has been derailed.
I never have anything to talk about.
What happened, twocans? Is the site finally dead? Five days with no response in the train of thoughts, that's unheard of. I mean, it used to be.
I’m scared to talk cause the purple pumpkin eaters might get me.
Hey, so there is a breed of pumpkin that's kind of a grayish blue-purple, and I have eaten some before.

Better watch your back.
Grayish blue pumpkins are really common here, that's most of what I've eaten this autumn. I think I've seen orange pumpkins at the market like... once.
Yea, crown pumpkins, and they are always eaten in savoury dishes.
Best Thing Ever: Cut some acorn squash in half, scrape out the seeds, cook it flat side down in a pan in the oven with about an inch of water for 45 minutes, put some corned beef hash in, maybe a little brown sugar.
Coldfrost said:
Better watch your back.
why does every single soda dispenser i've ever tried getting a soda from not work? seriously, it's every single one. i must be cursed or something. i just want a soda.
The only cool thing about the fourth of July is the fact that I get the day off.
The fireworks are pretty cool on the 4th, but every time I wonder what kind of havoc we're causing with all the smoke.
Sure smells like burnt gunpowder to start with.
I started getting a bit freaked out about fireworks last year on this holiday. This year, it got worse. But even worse than the lights and the noise, someone did a stupid, and my best friend ended up getting shot in the leg with one of them last night. She is mostly fine, but she will have a sizable bruise and some muscle issues in that area for a bit.
I don't mind fireworks that are planned, on display, at a set place and time. I actually really like the boom boom boom. But when they go off in a completely haphazard fashion all around my neighborhood into very late hours of the night, I get very anxious.
I'm still alive and around, kinda. I would like to be on TwoCans more often but the site isn't quite ready for mobile and that's all I've got most of the time. That and I'm often way too busy. But yeah, good to see you all.
The only haphazard fireworks I like are poppers and firecrackers.
Sure smells like burnt gunpowder to start with.

And that's such a good smell.

In other news, all y'all with younguns looking for shows to watch that won't make you blow your brains out, check out Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. The lip sync is off because it's a French show dubbed in English, but it's surprisingly good and funny.
Waaaaay ahead of you buddy. Unless season 2 is out I've watched that show as many times as a toddler likes to watch shows
Season 2 has been out for a bit (on Netflix), actually. I, too, have been introduced to the cuteness of Miraculous. I love it. I wish my kiddo would make me watch that instead of the other garbage she keeps shoving on me.
My brothers watched it and said it was garbage. I want to see for myself.
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