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Vapes, e-cigs, whatever the heck- I frickin’ hate ‘em all.

Solely because I can’t walk up to someone and go “Hey can I bum a vape?”
Can you get mono from doing that?
I mean, if their saliva is like all up in that thing, then yeah that’s definitely possible. Pretty much any disease you can get from saliva I’d suppose. It’s kinda like sharing a cigarette with someone, granted a cigarette is a shitload more porous and saliva absorbing.

If you know for certain they’re not sick with anything, you’re okay. If you get mono, don’t worry, it’s not too bad.
I don’t necessarily dislike the story, but I hate reading The Great Gatsby. It’s an okay book. But fuck you if the way you write your book is such that if you lift your eyes or let your mind wander for second, you have to reread the paragraph.
I detest the reinvention of the wheel. I just want a low-tech, simple can opener that works, but every store has some MULTI WHEELED HIGH TECH NASA ENGINEERED CAN OPENER that requires a degree in mechanical engineering to operate effectively. High tech != good.
I can't stand when I do so much as open Twitch and my laptop begins making death noises. Yesterday I was trying out a new editing program and it crashed. It took at least 5 minutes to close, and then when I checked task manager it had taken up 100% of my disk. Now, when I boot up my laptop it attempts to repair my C: drive but even though it was on for like 5 hours, it never got past 10% of checking and repairing the drive. Why do computers have to be this way.
I hate Mathia X
I hate when a company's logo is a heavily stylised version of their name and they don't put the plain text version of their name anywhere on an advert.

That's great and all "ghzsejogstuibc", but how do you plan to save me any money if I don't know whom I should contact.

"Hey, I am going to the Eleven, you need something?"
"The what now? You mean the Seven-Eleven?"
"What?!?! I thought the 7 was just a decorative slash!"

You get the picture.
I hate the US government more than I hate myself
Careful with that edge, you might just cut yourself.
Eh, hating your government is always better than hating yourself.
True dat
I hate super extroverted people who get all up in your business. Who automatically assume that everyone is their best pal.

Anyway, I hate my mac’s graphics card.
I think I’m starting to hate sleeping.
I do too. It's such a fucking waste of time and it's annoying that it's a necessity.

Why do you hate it?
Cause I can’t really make it happen, mostly. That and these days I always have so much shit on my mind that I don’t even want to sleep. I do, because I’d like the relief of having a good, long sleep, but I can’t stand struggling to fall asleep by 2. Not even benzos help these days. At this point I’d rather not sleep at all. I get tired, but I don’t really feel it. I feel more sleep deprived than tired lately.
Oh wow. Yeah a strong case of insomnia will get you to hate the whole damn concept of sleep.
I hate Paw Patrol. The general incompetence of the supposedly elected leadership leads me to believe we're a season away from "Pups Declare Martial Law." Pun not intended.
I'll add the newest Power Rangers to that. Shit happens to these kids in public, and there's not a single first responder, ever. No cops, no EMTs for any possible injuries, no firefighters, no National Guard to combat the gigantic robot terrorizing a city, nothing.
Grayseff, you need to watch a Paw Patrol ytp now.

Anyway, I hate the Emoji Movie.
Is paw patrol ytp those videos of kids shows with violent and adult themes? If so they fucking suck. When my daughter was 2 she saw one and it took a long time to explain why Skye had a syringe in her eye.
Not really in a sense, it depends really; if Yoshimaniac ever makes a paw patrol ytp, it'll be clean and funny but at this rate, that mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (Morshu reference) may be a while. Doing a bit of research, you might want to watch Dora the Exploder in the meantime while an exceptional Paw Patrol ytp is in the works
I thought no one made ytp’s anymore.
Me too, but there are ones in relatively mint condition made by Yoshimaniac and others apparently. I myself am making but I'm new to the trade and probably not good; check out my Youtube channel, King Dededelicious to see for yourself (don't hold high expectations). P.S if King Dededelicious doesn't appear, search for Fat Furby.
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