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I hate the way that my dad treats me. I can't disagree with him without him thinking I'm just a rebellious, angsty teenager. I'm more than that but he won't give me a chance.
I hate when I’m watching anime they make filler episodes, just get to the fucking point so I can start the next season.
I hate when I'm playing my flute just fine, then it randomly jumps an octave or a fifth. Especially coming into a loud note after a rest.
I hate that I have to practice my tenor drum music on a practice pad.
1 practice pad <<< 6 actual drums
I hate it when some bitch dissapears all of my bass clarinet reeds. (just so you know RICO > Vandoren)
I hate this conversation:

"I feel like [thing I know isn't happening] but I know that [thing] isn't happening, even if I feel that way, and I know it isn't your fault that I feel that way, but I want to help you understand why I respond to [actions that make me feel like thing is happening]."
"Well, [thing] isn't happening."

The one for the day:
"When you say that, it makes me feel like I am being forced into doing that."
"Well, no one is forcing you to do it."
Of the many branches of physics, astrophysics is the most boring. I hate coding and statistics, I just want to play with lasers and BECs
Hate TV shows that have a cool premise, but throw in fucked up scenes for seemingly no reason. I was just watching an episode of some show on Netflix called Dark. Dude went back in time, thought he found the kid who would grow up to murder Dude’s son. Instead of throwing something interesting in like talking to the kid and shit, no, motherfucker grabs a rock and starts beating on the kid and they even show obviously fake blood. It wouldn’t have been better if it was realistic. I know what real wounds like that look like. I’ve seen kids get beaten with rocks when I was kid. Glad I had to imagine it more vividly. I don’t get why this stuff is popular.

I think this is why I’m completely fine with repulsive cartoons like South Park.
I hate it when our sales team just DOES things without telling anyone, thus completely fucking up a project that was otherwise going to be the smoothest and best project I've led yet.

Now we have to go back and rewire literally all of the speakers and spend more money on cable, labor, and hotels (this project is 3 hours away) because he changed to a different speaker type without telling anyone he was doing it. The speakers he ordered aren't compatible with the original design.

I'm really irritated, because I have been incredibly proud of how organized this project is. We did so much on the front end that was going to be really helpful (and it has all been going EXACTLY as planned! Everything just worked! It was great!). Annnnnnd now this ruined it from being a "gold standard" kind of project.
I hate all the furry hate.
I latch on to a lot of silly prejudices and hatreds I used to have, but I’m watching them melt away.
I hate team projects
I hate Monika
I hate bullshit where it doesn't belong
I hate depression
I hate tourists
I'll hate them too once traffic in Fresno slows to a daily crawl

I also hate those imbeciles that don't respect people's opinions
I hate that my ex can play with my mind.
I hate that I can’t just “be happy”. I hate that I slide in and out of depression.
I hate that I have to work hard on someone else’s project.
I hate having to do two essays t impress some facebook fakers

also dibs on Pelon's soul
I sold my soul to the devil, if he even exists.
I hate having to do two essays t impress some facebook fakers

also dibs on Pelon's soul
I hate it that I didn’t get to do nothing exciting this summer.
I hate that I’m so anti social I don’t get I do anything with anyone.
I hate that I don’t have friends.
I hate having thought of killing myself.
I hate that I can’t be happy like the rest of society.
I hate that all I know is how to fuck a good thing up.
I hate myself.
For whatever it's worth, I think you just described the teenage years of a large number of people on this site. It does get better once you get to be in charge of your own life and aren't around a bunch of other terrible teenagers as well. When you get older, everyone just stops caring so much and it's a lot more relaxed. Harder to make friends, admittedly, but there are options.
Many of us found this site in the throes of depressing, friendless boredom. Memes don't quite make up for talking to actual people.
For real, though. If you were to go back through the old threads on here, you'll find out way too much about how horribly depressed and anxious I was all throughout highschool and early college. Not a fun time of my life at all. I don't miss it one bit.
exactly, and how does Grayseff do that integer overload?
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