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Pixels said:
Grayseff said:
Don't threaten me with a good time Pixels.

Don’t talk dirty to me I only let Doll do it

I had shingles once. It fucking sucks. What worked best for me is covering it in gauze (just so your clothes don't rub it) and ibuprofen.
I really need to work on having patience when people do stupid things. It frustrates me like nothing else can.
Zia, I feel that big time. I try not to directly retaliate unless someone's like, poking me or something, in which case I'll just say stop. Emphasis on try, because it's really difficult to keep my cool sometimes.
I'm back guys
Just let yourselves get really animated, say “fuck that fucking motherfucking peice of shit”, let yourself say horrible things, punch a tree and go about your daily business. Works for me. I like to think doing those things lets me not be bothered by stuff like that for the rest of the day.

I just get blind drunk every now and then and that seems to help.
Nice, just scored another job interview.
Good luck with it!
Well, I didn’t punch any trees ‘cause unfortunately the only tree concealed from most people’s view that’s not so flimsy it’ll break upon being punched is covered in poison ivy and I’ve had that stuff inside of scrapes and cuts before. But maaaaaan, a friend called me at just the right time and she did not care if I said things that would kill an inner city priest at 9000 wpm. Once I reached over 9000, I finally punched my brick wall. I felt more relaxed than if I had smoked a cigarette and taken flexeril and xanax. Me and her had a great laugh about it.

I don’t necessarily condone punching bricks. But try punching a brick wall one day, it’s great

Though I was angry about a pharmacy and a doctor BOTH screwing up getting me a seizure medication on time. You know, kinda serious. I wouldn’t be so pissed if it wasn’t the third time this has happened. Someone is screwing me here, and I’m gonna figure out who. Probably on the doc’s office’s end after three pharmacies.

Who am I kidding? I totally condone punching brick walls.
try using Angry Video Game Nerd quotes
This site's community is so nice, I'm glad to be a part of it.
This place is great, but it's sadly a shadow of its former self. I wish we could get the numbers we used to have.
It’s not really all that different... the website is great though. I’ve made actual friends here.
Same. I've met two of the bastards who used to hang around here, and I regularly play Xbox with another two.
When you get Vermintide or suggest a game you can make that three.
Shit, I haven't had time to game much at all recently, except for hopping on CoD4 or Red Dead for a few minutes. That being said, though, I'm putting all my tip money away for Red Dead Redemption 2.
I wish I knew how to jazz run so I can do that while searching for The Word and playing John Phillip Sousa's The Thunderer on tape
Jazz running is fun. Jazz running backwards at 98 bpm is even more fun. The Robin Williams show did not have smartly written drill.
Unless you're talking about playing jazz runs on a guitar or something, in which case I can't help you, and you should ignore all of this. I don't know why you'd want to jazz run while looking for things, but you mentioned Sousa, which means marching might be involved.
But jazz running! Basic step- you're running (duh), but your head should stay at a constant height. You're pushing off with your back feet, keeping your toes pointed until they hit the ground again in front. Your leading leg will be out in front of you, absorb the impact smoothly with your ankle (that's why your toe is pointed before you land). You shouldn't be putting much weight if any on the heels of your feet, that'll make you bouncy. Your feet should be angled out a bit, it just helps with stability. The big thing is to try to not bounce. That means loosening up your hips and ankles. A lot of the power comes from your ankles and calves, you're pushing off with your back foot to move forward more than you're pulling with your leading foot. Keep your toes pointed, you want to land basically on your pinkie toe first. Be careful not to roll too far out, you'll sprain your ankle. Keep your torso straight, no leaning forward/back. It's all in your legs. Your body will be lowered a little bit, to help keep everything smooth. Think like you're skimming along beneath a low ceiling. You want your head the same height the whole way.
IDK, watch some videos on it. It's a lot easier to copy what you can see.
I was never good at jazz running.
It's aaaaalll in the ankles.
I was at marching band practice tonight and I broke 3 of my tenor drums 6 heads. They were very weak heads, but apparently I was playing too hard and will have to wait at least a week to replace them. oh well.
You broke it! It's not a simple oh well matter. Don't you feel responsible for breaking it?
The System Blue heads are very nice.
The set of quads itself is very new, and I've been treating it very well, but the heads themselves are just the cheap single-layer ones that came with it and they de-tune in like half an hour of playing. I was kinda playing it up after I broke the first head, thinking that the more heads I broke, the sooner they would all get replaced. It might not have been the smartest thing, but the percussion instructors were watching me play before I broke them and said "wow, we really need to replace those heads", so I thought they were getting replaced soon anyway.
Our quad line is currently split between the system blue heads and some Reno Pinstripe heads. I think we're probably going to go all pinstripe once we replace heads.
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